University student shot outside Centennial Hall

The shooting was part of a string of crimes.
A UMPD officer stands in front of Centennial Hall late Monday night after a University student was shot in the area.
January 27, 2010

A University of Minnesota student was shot outside Centennial Hall late Monday night following a string of crimes police believe to be connected.
The victim, 19-year-old Timothy Schumacher, is a first-year student and Centennial Hall resident. Police said during a Tuesday press conference that Schumacher was recovering at Hennepin County Medical Center.
Nick Furey, a first-year student, was entering the Centennial Hall lobby at the time of the shooting.
Furey said he and Schumacher were at the University Recreation Center at the same time, but that Schumacher left a few minutes before he did.
Furey jogged to Centennial Hall and passed Schumacher along the way, he said. As Furey entered the dorm, he said he heard three shots but dismissed them as fireworks.
While waiting for the elevator in the lobby, Furey was approached by the victim.
“The kid walks up to me probably 20 seconds after I heard the gunshots, and he looks at me with this blank face,” Furey said. “He pulls up his shirt and he goes, ‘I think I got shot,’ and he’s just spewing blood from his stomach.”
Furey said he and others called 911 and assisted Schumacher until emergency responders arrived about five minutes later.
Police said at a press conference that the victim is in stable condition, but his family declined to comment.
After the shooting, the suspects were seen fleeing south through the superblock before turning east and heading back toward Huron Boulevard S.E.
Jerry Rinehart, vice provost for student affairs, called the shooting’s randomness “outrageous” and “intolerable.”
“As a parent, if I had a student here, I would be concerned,” he said. “We’re letting everyone know that the best thing we can do is remind people of safety procedures,” Rinehart said.
No arrests have been made, but police have identified the two suspects as black males between 18 and 20 years old. They are described as being about 5 feet 8 inches tall, with light builds. One has acne scars on his face.
University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said that police hope to catch the suspects on campus security camera footage.
A set of crimes
University police established that the shooting was the climax of a string of crimes believed to have been committed Monday night by the two suspects.
At about 10:50 p.m., a woman was robbed by two men fitting the suspects’ descriptions on the 500 block of Huron Boulevard S.E.
Shortly after 11 p.m., two women were stopped outside of Moos Tower by the men, who demanded they give up their cell phones and backpacks.
After fleeing the second robbery, the suspects shot Schumacher outside of Centennial Hall on Delaware Street, according to police.
The men said something to Schumacher, and when he turned, they shot him in the abdomen. One bullet casing was found at the scene, but witnesses recall hearing two or three shots.
The University responds
Around noon Tuesday, a campus alert e-mail about the incident was sent to students, ending a nearly 12-hour silence.
At a press conference, Miner accredited the late alert to the conviction that the suspects no longer posed a public threat. It is believed that after the shooting, the suspects had fled for a third and final time.
University students were concerned about the slow response time.
“I wanted more info, but I am sure they did it as fast as they could,” said first-year student Brian Wahl, who lives in Centennial Hall. “I’ve gotten used to hearing about robberies around campus but not shootings.”
First-year English and history major Kelsey Cassidy was doing homework at the time of the shooting.
“It’s scary, but there’s bound to be crazy stuff that happens,” said Cassidy. “Not good things, but we live in Minneapolis.”

-Laura Wallenta and Frank Bi contributed to this report.

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