Overheard Around Campus

January 23, 2013


Professor: “My base is in Minneapolis, but I teach in St. Paul because the University hates me.”



“You had sex with a guy named Skyler? Was he also a power ranger?”

—Bus stop by McDonald’s


“Aw, sweet — we’ve got a girl.”

—College of Science and Engineering math class


Girl: “These mangoes really taste like carrots, don’t you think?”

—Nicholson Hall


“Do you not like ‘Portlandia’ just because it’s basically about your life?”

—Coffman Union


Professor: “So, we’re pretty much going to be able to take over the world here with the amount of expertise we have.”



Professor: “Do you have a favorite movie genre?”

Student: “Denzel Washington.”

—Murphy Hall


Student section chanting: “G-O-P-H-E-R-S”

Girl: “That spells gophers.”

—Mariucci Arena


Professor: “Electrons, like most college students, like to do what’s easiest.”

—Smith Hall


Girl 1: “I really don’t want to take this test. I have really bad menstrual cramps.”

Girl 2: “I haven’t had those in four months!”

Girl 1: “You’re so lucky, I’m jealous.”

Girl 2: “... I’m pregnant.”

—Animal reproduction class


“My lab TA looks like Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings!’”

—Willey Hall


Girl: “Eww, your jacket smells like cigarettes.”

Guy: “No, it smells like cigars.”

Girl: “Why does it smell like cigars?”

Guy: “I was eating cigar-flavored spaghetti, and I spilled some on it. ... Why the [expletive] do you think it smells like cigars?”

—Outside the Bell Museum

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