Office of the Publisher

Co-Publisher and Editor in Chief
Co-Publisher and
Co-Publisher and Business Operations Officer

Editorial Staff

Managing Editor
Managing Production Editor
Sports Editor
A&E Editor
Multimedia Editor
Copy Desk Chief
Assistant Copy Desk Chief
Assistant Copy Desk Chief
Visuals Editor
Chief Page Designer
Associate Editor
Associate Editor
Associate Editor
Associate Editor
Editorials & Opinions Editor

Business Staff

Creative Manager
Distribution Manager
Retail Sales Manager
Classified Sales Manager

Administrative Staff

Human Resources Manager
Online Manager
Online Manager
Information Systems Manager
Marketing Director

Board of Directors

Lisi Armstrong
Advisor - Administrative Staff Representative
Kendre Turonie
Advisor - Office of Student Affairs
Bailey Alto
Business Operations Officer
Brittany Swaine
Advisor - Business Staff Representative
Morgan Goronkin
Chair of the Board & President
Ashish Joshi
Advisor - Controller
Chuck Brown
Bob Ingrassia
Director - Alumnus with Editorial Experience
Alex King
Director - Alumnus with Marketing Experience
Charlie Hoag
Director - Newspaper Professional
Jeanne Shedivy
Director - Newspaper Professional
Mike Reszler
Director - Digital Media Professional
Gayle Golden
Director - Student Training Expertise & SJMC Faculty Member
Ross Azevedo
Director - Student Training Expertise
Anthony Wagner
Editor in Chief
Eric Best
Editorial Staff Representative
Vanessa Lal
Human Resources Manager
Nicholas Lundquist
Student Director
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