Oct. 01, 2015
A documentary follows 14 Guatemalan-American children as they return tand meet their families.
Apr. 09, 2015
Al Milgrom’s latest film, “The Dinkytown Uprising,” gives a look at Dinkytown’s past.
Feb. 05, 2015
“We Rock Long Distance” features three Minneapolis hip-hop artists as they trace their cultural roots.
Nov. 20, 2014
Grammy-award winning composer Hans Zimmer spoke with A&E about his latest intergalactic endeavor, "Interstellar."
Mar. 06, 2014
Oscar-nominated director Joshua Oppenheimer discusses his powerful film “The Act of Killing” with A&E.
Nov. 14, 2013
“Remembering Nokutela” set to screen at the Images of Africa film festival beginning this weekend at St. Anthony Main Theatre
Oct. 03, 2013
The Minneapolis Underground Film Festival is for all types of film and people.
Sep. 26, 2013
Derek Mears makes a living playing monsters and villains, all thanks to his love of comedy.
Sep. 19, 2013
Step aside, Jack Bauer. Here are five films with 24-hour time limits.
Sep. 12, 2013
Students and faculty say they’re hindered by a film program that’s scattered and lacking.
Sep. 05, 2013
Discover the new fall TV comedy that’s right for you — unless you have time to watch all of them.
Jun. 12, 2013
How the daughter of a former Colombian drug lord reconciles her relationship with her father—meanwhile capturing the whole ordeal on film.
May. 29, 2013
At the Trylon’s showings of “Trash Film Debauchery,” you can freely launch your sarcastic remarks toward the silver screen.
May. 09, 2013
Pigs, maggots and “Walden” make Shane Carruth’s paranoid sci-fi dystopia equally jarring and puzzling.
May. 02, 2013
Ian Cheney’s film “The City Dark” asks what happens when we can’t see the Milky Way anymore.
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