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Sep. 25, 2014
Warm fall drinks with three ingredients or less
Sep. 18, 2014
Twin Cities restaurants serve up memorable variations on ramen, the iconic Japanese comfort food.
Sep. 18, 2014
The farmer’s market hosts a variety of produce that is initially intimidating to cook with, like zucchini — where does it fit on the plate?
Sep. 11, 2014
Most all-American breakfast foods are too sweet, too mushy or too boring for this picky Goldilocks. Here are some breakfasts that are just right (and don’t involve breaking and entering.)
Sep. 11, 2014
Artist Seitu Jones orchestrates a large-scale collaborative art piece focused on food justice for local communities.
Sep. 04, 2014
Let’s get nerdy about taco night and ditch the cans and packets for once.
Sep. 04, 2014
Musician and hot sauce peddler Rob Gilbert brings his brand of heat to Minneapolis.
May. 28, 2014
Notorious and renowned chef Stewart Woodman has reemerged on the Minneapolis dining scene
May. 28, 2014
After a remodel, Seward stronghold Birchwood Cafe is better than ever
May. 01, 2014
Tres leches cake is a trendy, traditional Mexican dessert designed for springtime munching.
May. 01, 2014
At least now we can drink cheap beer outside.
Apr. 24, 2014
Mesa Pizza wants to get settled in the neighborhood before applying for a late-night license.
Apr. 10, 2014
Café Boulud’s Gavin Kaysen is headed home to Minneapolis to open his own restaurant
Apr. 03, 2014
Sizing up the falafel around campus
Mar. 13, 2014
Despite inconsistencies, Uptown’s Boneyard serves up comforting interpretations of Southern classics
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