Nov. 11, 2009
Beheadings, pimps and even low-ticket prices all come up in our investigation (not really) into the new Prufrock Theatre.
Oct. 21, 2009
Jersey slam poets grace The Children's Theatre Company with a month of social education and salmonella jokes.
Oct. 08, 2009
The U Theatre's new production of "Big Love" sheds light on the intricacies of love, marriage and gender roles in the modern world.
Oct. 07, 2009
“The Thugs,” an office-set murder mystery, plays off of character stereotypes to cultivate a quick-paced, witty show.
Oct. 07, 2009
Comedians Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black bring their antics to Pantages Theater .
  • John Sand
Sep. 09, 2009
Members of the Ananya Dance Theatre translate enormous, messy issues into beautiful, clean-lined contemporary dance.
  • John Sand
Sep. 09, 2009
Artists and educators Howard Oransky and Clarence Morgan work on breaking down the distance between the mind and art.
Jul. 28, 2009
A&E chats with the creators of three of The Fringe Festival’s most outrageous shows.
Jun. 02, 2009
Race, culture, refugees and Spinal Tap all come up in an interview with David Henry Hwang
May. 26, 2009
Premiering at the Guthrie, Tony Kushner's "The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism & Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures" is epic and, you guessed it, wordy.
Apr. 23, 2009
“A Bright Room Called Day" follows the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazism through the eyes of everyday Berlin residents.
Mar. 05, 2009
Billy Joel has been so effective in capturing the voice of the entire Vietnam generation that “Movin’ Out,” a touring Broadway musical, was made solely from his lyrics as homage to Joel and the baby boomers.
Feb. 26, 2009
When the curtain closes on the second act of “Happy Days,” the viewer will assuredly be wishing Beckett had written a third.
Feb. 26, 2009
“My Papa says that when kites gets lost, they go to Bolina,” says Mateo, a young, abused boy in the upcoming production of “Night Train to Bolina,” written by Nilo Cruz . The play centers on young children in a nondescript, violence and poverty-stricken Latin American country, fighting to survive during a terrible drought.
Feb. 19, 2009
The Vagina Monologues, written by Eve Ensler , has become a Valentine’s Day classic specializing in the exploration and candid discussion of that old taboo body place, the “vajayjay.”
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