By Brenda Tran

I’ve been obsessed with omelettes ever since I learned how to cook. They're quick and easy and you never get sick of 'em because you can customize the dish in so many ways. While making a good omelette is a piece of cake, making a unique, high quality omelette is a different matter. I’ve made many mediocre omelettes in my day. Not anymore. Sure, I’m no Yena Lee and I've never watched a Rachael Ray episode in my life, here’s what I know:

Omelette tips

  1. Use the perfect amount of butter or oil (enough to cover the pan -- no more, no less). This is a no brainer, but having the right balance is absolutely vital. You want enough to make it easy to flip, but you also don’t want a greasy omelette.

  2. Add water. I know a woman that used to work at Perkins — she said they added a splash of water to the omelettes then covered them with a lid. The steam makes the omelettes fluffier. 

  3. After the egg mix settles a bit, gently push the edges of the omelette towards the center. It allows the runny egg to flow into place.

  4. Keep it simple. Some of my worst omelettes were the ones where I threw everything I could find together. Just because you like a bunch of different things doesn’t mean they’re all compatible ingredients. Too many ingredients can muddle flavor in addition to overpowering the eggs.

  5. Be adventurous, though. I know I said to be wary of incompatible ingredients, but there’s no way to know that until you make a bad omelette. No one wants a boring omelette.

My favorite ways to eat an omelette

  1. With white rice (I like to add Sriracha or soy sauce too)

  2. In a baguette

  3. With ramen

  4. On a bagel

Interesting ingredients to step up your omelette game

  1. Diced Spam

  2. Caramelized onions

  3. Kimchi

  4. Asparagus

  5. Cream cheese

  6. Pineapples

  7. Avocado

  8. Fried rice

  9. Curry

  10. Potatoes