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6/7/2016 9:38am

My idea of fun: period movies

This week, one of my favorite modern period pieces was released — “Love and Happiness”. Starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny, it’s the first that was actually funny to me. It blends humor with the beauty and drama of lifestyles of the rich.

5/30/2016 5:22pm

Band profile: Ego Death

Ego Death, the Minneapolis “punkish” three piece, features singer/songwriter Jeremy Warden, bassist Bree Meyer and drummer Seth Tracy. They recently headlined a show with touring New York band Adult Mom and New Jersey based Forth Wanderers at secret DIY venue Licorice Beach.

1/31/2016 12:22pm

A blog post about omelettes

By Brenda TranI’ve been obsessed with omelettes ever since I learned how to cook. They're quick and easy and you never get sick of 'em because you can customize the dish in so many ways. While making a good omelette is a piece of cake, making a unique, high quality omelette is a different matter. I’ve made many mediocre omelettes in my day. Not anymore. Sure, I’m no Yena Lee and I've never watched a Rachael Ray episode in my life, here’s what I know:

1/25/2016 2:24pm

A Conversation with Eric Hanson

By Brenda TranEric Hanson is an illustrator and writer based in Minneapolis whose career spans decades. His artwork has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone, to name a few. He has designed product lines for Pottery Barn, illustrated books and his writing has appeared in The Atlantic and Smithsonian.

1/24/2016 3:21pm


By Yena LeeIf you’ve been out of the Instagram game, then it’s time for you to get yourself in it. A lot of local Minnesotan brands carefully curate their Instagram feeds, and it’s being noticed by a lot of people.