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7/29/2015 2:32pm

Pitchfork Day 3: Ending with a Bang

The final day of the festival left everything that came before it behind. Audiences enjoyed beautiful weather, higher attendance and acts that held nothing back.

5/22/2016 12:50pm

Pitchfork Days 1 and 2: A blast as always

The first day of Pitchfork’s 10th annual music festival started with brutal weather. Concertgoers at Union Park experienced temperatures above 90 degrees with a healthy haze of humidity. Though the extreme conditions persisted through the day, Friday’s lineup was full of impressive acts. From spaced-out punk to glitched, blippy electronic music, artists ran the gamut and beat the heat — for the most part.

7/9/2015 8:42pm

Manatees to the rescue

It’s Thursday, which means we’ve already had four days of this miserable week. You’re probably tired, overworked and hungry because you don’t really know how to cook anything besides buttered noodles, and even if you did, you don’t have time.

7/6/2015 6:44pm

Instagram is life

Whenever I have a free moment, I spend it on Instagram.  Ok, that’s not entirely true, but there’s something gratifying about sharing your photos and life with others, whether they’re strangers or friends.

6/29/2015 5:34pm

Shorts are beneath you

There are few summer style sins greater than wearing shorts. Even though shorts have been slimmed and trimmed over the past few years, they’re still synonymous with struggle fits and are rarely worn by the few people who can actually pull them off without looking ridiculous and lame. 

7/13/2015 12:08am

Nietzche jokes, grammar quips and nihilism: 3 bizarre novelty Twitter accounts

We all know Twitter is great for a lot of things, whether it’s skimming headlines, sharing pictures of your cute pet or just plain old lurking. But even if you think you’ve curated the perfect feed, adding some novelty accounts can’t hurt. To get started, here are three accounts that can add humor and new perspective to your day. These novelty accounts remind one of the absurdity of Twitter and life itself.