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6/22/2015 6:49pm

Hot 102.5 blasts out hot, old-school hip-hop beats

The Twin Cities radio dials offers slim pickings when it comes to enjoyable playlists. The Current’s eclectic rotation never fails (though can be a tad predictable at times), and Radio K provides a great introduction to new artists destined to be spun on the Current in a year, as well as shows that delve into underappreciated genres deserving of more attention and appreciation.

6/15/2015 9:39pm

In defense of pleated pants

Up until the 1990’s, finding pants that weren’t pleated was difficult.  The once-dapper pleats combined form and function, adding a crisp crease to the pant and allowing room for men to move without losing a slim, flattering fit.  Once the mid-‘90s rolled around, double and triple pleats became de rigeur, and clothes makers abandoned the subtle, discrete single pleat for these atrocities.  The over-pleating trend went so far that designers eliminated pleats from the scene altogether in the 2000’s.  

6/7/2015 2:48pm

Ard Godfrey House now open for the season

Though it may not match the glamour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or the Science Museum of Minnesota, there’s yet another source of educational enrichment in town that quietly opens for the season this Saturday: The

5/28/2015 7:50pm

Urban Bean opens up new location on Lake and Bryant

Local coffee stronghold Urban Bean recently opened a chic new location on the corner of West Lake Street and Bryant Avenue. Going to a coffee shop isn’t just grabbing a cup of Joe anymore.  Coffee has become a hobby for many people.  Well-sourced full-bodied beans and Instagram-worthy appearance dictate whether the brew is up to par. Urban Bean delivers on all of those fronts.

4/7/2015 6:00pm

New Music: The Mountain Goats -- "Beat The Champ"

Today marks the release of the 15th Mountain Goats record, “Beat The Champ.” The 13-track effort combines the mythos of old-school professional wrestling in the Southwestern United States and the emotional punch of John Darnielle’s narrative songwriting. “Beat The Champ” finds the repertoire of Darnielle, bassist Peter Hughes and drummer Jon Wurster sounding as mature as ever. The trio tackles tracks that range from woodwind dusted piano ballads to throaty, savage anthems with style.