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7/22/2015 6:59pm

Teen girls using more emergency contraception, report says

Emergency contraception use in teen girls is on the rise, according to a Centers for Disease Control report released Wednesday, with one in five having used the morning after pill. The use of the morning after pill by teenage females has increased by 14 percent since 2002, according to the report that analyzed sexual activity, contraceptive use and childbearing for teenagers ages 15 to 19. The report interviewed about 2,000 males and females.

7/21/2015 8:16pm

Minnesota ranks best in well-being for children, new study finds

Minnesota is the best state for childhood well-being according to a report released today. The annual report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, called Kids Count, ranked Minnesota near the top for education, the economic stability of families, child death rate and teen drug and alcohol abuse compared to other states.

7/21/2015 7:15pm

MillerCoors named first founding partner of Viking's new stadium

On Tuesday, MillerCoors announced sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings to become a Founding partner of the new U.S Bank Stadium, the official Vikings website reported. The partnership will include a MillerCoors branded party deck in the southwest corner of the stadium and a branded space within Club Purple, a Vikings-themed social club, according to the website. The partnership will last at least 10 years and marks the first founding partnership the Vikings have announced for the new stadium, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reported.

7/17/2015 2:27pm

Study shows link between phone usage and depression

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, depression may be able to be identified through phone usage. Researchers found a correlation between the amount of time someone spends on their phone and the chance they have symptoms of depression, CBS Chicago reported People who showed no symptoms of depression averaged about 17 minutes of usage, while depressed individuals averaged 68 daily minutes, CBS Chicago reported. Usage accurately identified people suffering from depressive symptoms with 87 percent accuracy, Medical News Today reported.

7/15/2015 9:11pm

Minnesota salmonella cases linked to raw tuna

The Minnesota Department of Health reports two Minnesota residents were sickened with salmonellosis. The disease is linked to frozen raw tuna. The Minnesota residents are adults in their 30s who became ill on June 21 and June 30. Neither of them were hospitalized. As part of a national salmonella outbreak, both cases were linked to tuna bought at grocery stories and workplace cafeterias.

7/15/2015 4:00pm

New Mexican-style restaurant to take place of Campus Pizza

A Mexican-style restaurant and bar will open on Washington Ave by the owner of Stub & Herbs, in place of former restaurant Campus Pizza. The restaurant, named Bar Luchador, is set to open in early August, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. Long-time Stub & Herbs employees Angelo Pennacchio and Regan Haffele will co-own the business with owner Josh Zavadil in an equal partnership. Pennacchio will be president and general manager of Bar Luchador.