Through the Lens

11/17/2011 4:35pm


 An undergraduate student pumps air into a set of pig lungs to demonstrate how they expand during respiration.

11/13/2011 1:55am


Minnesota linebacker Keanon Cooper makes his way off the field at halftime during Saturday's game against Wisconsin at TCF Bank Stadium.  The writing on Cooper's wrist reads, "All Out Every Play.  Be Physical!!!  Trust God."  The Badgers led the Gophers 28-6 at the half.

6/29/2011 6:27pm

NE Minneapolis Farmer's Market

Friday June 4th marked the beginning of the North East Minneapolis Farmer's Market with a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Volunteers made the pancakes with all locally grown ingredients in the basement of St. Boniface Church. Outside in the parking lot, the farmers market began with several vendors and more will be participating as the season progresses. 

6/29/2011 6:28pm

Flint Hills International Children's Festival

The festival, hosted by the Ordway and sponsored by Flint Hills, Target, and others, featured performances from national artist such as Project Bandaloop from California. During the school days, children from local schools were able to do art projects, sidewalk chalk, and learn latin dances. 

4/4/2011 6:14pm

To the Chopping Block!

 With a live band, a free supply of PBR and the artists of live painters Rouge Citizen, Gallery 13 was packed Friday night for the closing of Rouge Citizen's show case. Unlike most artists, this unique four man crew wasn't just giving their art one last chance to be sold off; they were literally offing their unsold paintings to pieces. 

3/30/2011 8:17am

Solidarity in Social Sciences

Starting Monday, March 28, groups of students and other community members gathered in front of Coffman Union and marched across the Washington Avenue Bridge to the Social Sciences building. There, they are occupying the building in solidarity with Wisconsinites in their current struggle over collective-bargaining rights and university budget cuts.