Through the Lens

3/27/2011 4:54pm

Photos of the Week: 2/21 - 3/25

Crews continue to sift through the devastation left in the wake of last week’s tsunami Thursday in the town of Oarai, 70 miles north of Tokyo.Photo By: Anthony KwanLast week’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake buckled structures in the town of Oarai, Japan. The tremors were the strongest ever recorded in the country.Photo By: Joe Michaud-ScorzaStory By: Jessica Van Berkel, Kathryn Elliott

3/3/2011 5:14pm

Photos of the Week: 2/21 - 2/25

Owner Bill Biermaier looks through books Wednesday in the basement of Biermaier. Biermaier is retiring after running his business for over forty years and still has roughly 50,000 books left to sell. Photo by: Erin WestoverBiermaier's Books Enters Final Chapter Story By: Jennifer Bissell 

2/20/2011 7:05pm

Photos of the Week(s): 2/7 - 2/18

 Sen. John Carlson, R-Bemidji, showed support for students rallying outside the State Capitol Wednesday morning. Carlson co-sponsored a bill proposing a freeze on tuition and limitations on tuition increases for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. 

2/15/2011 1:09am

The more things change...

I spent the afternoon paging through the Daily's archives to find a file photo for our profile on former Gopher football player Karl Mecklenburg.  It was almost eerie to see how closely some of the stories from 1981 and 1982 matched those we've covered over the last two months.  A couple in particular caught my eye.

2/11/2011 2:09pm

"go off the grid"

Monday. February 7,2011 A group of University of Minnesota students from the Energy Efficiency Student Alliance held a campout in front of Coffman at the temperature of below-zero wind chill to kick off the Conservation Madness, a competition between dorms to see who can conserve the most energy.   Around 5:30pm: Eco Watch Officer Mikery Weitekamp assembles the big tents in front of Coffman Union.

2/8/2011 7:27pm

University Technology Center

Located a block from the heart of Dinkytown, the University Technology Centers, Inc. is home to offices of all kinds-from violin repair to chiropractors. This office building used to be the John Marshall High School, built in 1924, and still holds on to some aspects from it's school days with class bells still mounted on walls, giant stairwells and halls, chalk boards in offices and even a gymnasium. In 1983, the school closed and was bought by the current management in 1986. 2011 is their 25th anniversary in the building.

2/5/2011 3:47pm

Photos of the Week: 1/31 - 2/4

Matt Prekker, left, reads a book to his 2 year old girl Erin on Tuesday at the Southeast library in Dinkytown. Wade Huber scans returned books on Tuesday at the Southeast Library in Dinkytown. Huber has been employed by Hennepin County libraries since 1999. Photos By: Joe Michaud-Scorza Story By: Evelina Smirnitskaya Mpls to turn page on U area library

2/2/2011 4:36pm

Avoid The Grey Fashion Show

I got a chance to attend the Cliche Avoid The Grey Fashion Show Saturday. There were about 20 designers, one of them Sarah M. Holm who was featured in last week's paper. The theme was 'jail house rock."

1/30/2011 3:05pm

Photos of the Week: 1/24 - 1/28

Photo By: Mark Vancleave Assistant Manager Dana Kabitzki takes a cigarette break in from of the Harvard Market Saturday in Stadium Village. Kabitzke, a University graduate, has worked at Harvard Market for six years. Story By: Jennifer Bissell Harvard Market closes after 106 years Audio Slide Show Here

1/23/2011 5:54pm

The beauty of the Beast

Got a chance to work with the local trio Gay Beast, cramped in their tiny practice place. They are currently on a European tour.