Nov. 11, 2009
Corrections:This story originally ran saying Trevor Mbakwe's "trial is scheduled for Dec. 2." His trial is actually set for Dec. 14, but the plea hearing is on Dec. 2.
  • Daily Editorial Board
Nov. 04, 2009
Corrections:At the request of Minnesota Student Association President Paul Strain, the Advancing Excellence Steering Committee now also includes Kathy Julik-Heine, Chair of the Student Senate, whose appointment to the committee was approved late last week. Julik-Heine will attend the committee's next meeting on Tuesday, bringing the total number of student representatives to three. The editorial has been revised from its original form to reflect this addition.
Nov. 04, 2009
Corrections:This story previously stated that Alan Lightman, author of "Einstein's Dreams" would be speaking on Friday, Nov. 6. The story now reflects the correct time, Monday, Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m.
Nov. 01, 2009
Corrections:A page 1 article, “Minneapolis wrongly tows cars,” in Monday’s Daily incorrectly stated Minneapolis city sweeping policies. The story failed to illustrate that a city sweeping schedule for University Avenue was not posted on its Web site. On the city’s Web site, it states “unscheduled routes” notices for city sweeping, but on October 30, the city failed to post times. The city did post signage along University Avenue. The story also misrepresented how many phone calls Ward 3 City Councilwoman Diane Hofstede received about the issue. She received three calls on Friday.
Oct. 28, 2009
Corrections:This article had a misleading headline and lead. The Park Board did not vote against the Brian Coyle Center's expansion.
Oct. 21, 2009
Corrections:Kohls advocates for limited government and financial responsibility.
  • Vice President Greg Hestness
Oct. 20, 2009
Corrections:The final sentence was corrected from, "we’d much prefer students’ cooperation with citations and arrests," to "we’d much prefer students’ cooperation to citations and arrests."
Oct. 01, 2009
Corrections:This article incorrectly stated that the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency is a federal agency. It is a federally-funded partnership between several Minnesota cities.
Sep. 20, 2009
Corrections:This story incorrectly stated the name for a limited liability company, abbreviated LLC. It referred to an LLC as a limited liability corporation, which is a commonly used term for the organization, but not the proper name.
  • Daily Editorial Board
Sep. 15, 2009
Corrections:The beginning of the third paragraph was corrected to read: "In the fall of 2011, however, students will begin paying the full $1500 increase on top of the tuition hikes which may result from the reduction in state allocations." The "Note:" addendum was also revised to read "he is definitely not telling the whole truth."
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