• Megan Kadrmas
Nov. 01, 2007
Corrections:This story incorrectly spelled Pati Hibbard and Jamie Schumacher, and incorrectly identified Schumacher’s title. She is the executive director of Altered Esthetics.
  • Devin Henry
Oct. 29, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly said the age of Apple Inc. It is 31 years old.
  • Andy Mannix
Oct. 26, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly identified “Brittany’s” graduate and program status. She is an undergraduate trying to get into the veterinary medicine program.
  • Joy Petersen
Oct. 19, 2007

This article incorrectly stated who called the community meeting. The meeting was called by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.

This article also incorrectly stated how members of the Community Advisory Committee are selected. The members of the committee are appointed.

Also, a graphic in this article incorrectly showed a possible route. Route one is no longer being considered as a proposed route.

  • Kelly Gulbrandson
Oct. 11, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly stated who proposed removing parking meters from Washington Avenue. University Parking Services previously proposed the idea.
  • Justin Horwath
Oct. 09, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly labeled the identifiers for race in a graphic called “Minority Faculty at the U of M.” There are nearly 2000 non-Hispanic Caucasian faculty and under 500 faculty of color. In the graphic below that one, labeled “Big Ten Minority Faculty” the source incorrectly sited Office of Institutional Research. Chronicle of Higher Education is the source.
  • Mike Rose
Oct. 08, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly stated the name of the building. The name should read Education Sciences Building.
  • Kara Nesvig
Oct. 04, 2007
Corrections:A page 1 article “Unkempt. Urban. Ubiquitous” in Thursday’s A&E section gave detail to a rumor that has been proven to be untrue. Victoria’s Secret will be occupying the former Gap building in Calhoun Square.
  • Betsy Graca
Oct. 04, 2007
Corrections:This article incorrectly referred to Ramadan as a Muslim holiday. Ramadan is an Islamic tradition, not a holiday.
  • Andy Steinke
Sep. 27, 2007

This article incorrectly stated the age of a partygoer due to an error in the police report. The boy listed as 9 was actually 19.

Also, this article incorrectly stated that two men were arrested for throwing a construction barrel off the 10th Avenue bridge. They were merely cited.

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