• Keith Min
Oct. 01, 2015
Businesses could be required to schedule employees nearly one month in advance and compensate for schedule changes.
Sep. 22, 2015
Proposed regulations would alter the education teachers need for dual-credit courses.
  • Dan Murphy
Sep. 17, 2015
As November’s election approaches, experts say issues like sports facilities and public safety will surface.
Sep. 17, 2015
Proposed federal rule changes would expedite research and add human subjects protections.
  • Melissa Steinken
Sep. 15, 2015
Lawmakers and a University law student want the U.S. to do more for the refugees.
Jun. 24, 2015
City leaders are hoping to change regulations regarding which establishments can house homeless shelters.  
Jun. 17, 2015
The money will go toward expanding the size of the facility, increasing staff members and testing changes.
Jun. 17, 2015
A proposed ordinance would restrict flavored tobacco sales to smoke shops, not corner stores.
Jun. 03, 2015
Pending a Friday vote, two proposals would OK growlers and earlier sales on Sundays.
May. 19, 2015

State legislators did not give the University of Minnesota funds for tuition freeze.

May. 06, 2015
Lawmakers and community leaders want more state funds for suicide prevention training.
May. 04, 2015
City officials have also created more tools and incentives to up attendance.
Apr. 30, 2015
Minneapolis leaders proposed adding more than 30 miles of new protected bicycle lanes.
Apr. 29, 2015
After an injury paralyzed his son, Matthew Rodreick has spent years advocating for funding to research spinal cord injuries.
Apr. 29, 2015
Lawmakers plan to offer more support to communities out of the Twin Cities metro area.
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