5/4/2017, 5:33pm

Culture compass: Real news, dogs and tacos

Friday: The Art of Vodka Alcohol can be art too, apparently. This second-annual celebration will bring in bartenders and spirits from local breweries so you can enjoy sips while appreciating artwork.

5/4/2017, 2:37pm

Annual Festival of Nations event explores world food, dance and art

The International Institute of Minnesota is organizing the annual Festival of Nations event, which has served as a launching pad for community engagement and philanthropic causes for 85 years. “The structure of the Festival of Nations is built on its partnerships with independent non-profit community ethnic associations and organizations,” said Justin Madel, event director and organizer.

5/4/2017, 12:43pm

For first-year UMN student, pin-making project tied to EDM

Over the last half decade in the EDM scene, the Tuttrup brothers started to notice colorful, soft enamel pins featuring intricate artist logos, music festival designs and pop culture references on the hats and outfits of more and more show attendees. "We could do that or even better,” said Carson Tuttrup, a graphic design first year University of Minnesota.