11/16/2017, 12:01am

No rules apply in the Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society

Grindhouse, trash sci-fi and kung fu films, experimental 3-D — these are the territory of bizarro cinema. The Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society, which has been operating since March, screens one-off hits like “RoboCop.” They also host mystery screenings and series like “Analog Assault” (screenings on VHS) and “Girl Gang Night.”""

11/12/2017, 11:14pm

Review: Ronan and Metcalf soar in 'Lady Bird'

“Lady Bird” contains the hallmarks of any classic teenage movie — homecoming dances, prom, first kisses, lost virginities, teachers and nagging parents. But what does “Lady Bird” have that its high school movie peers don’t? Greta Gerwig's attention to detail and the film’s ensemble of natural actors.