10/29/2017, 11:40pm

Review: Things are still strange in Hawkins

Spoiler Alert: This story contains plot and character information from the second season of Netflix's "Stranger Things." This was a weekend for binge-watching. If you skipped the Halloween parties to hide from the snow and stare at a screen for nine hours straight, read on.  This weekend marked Netflix’s return to the Upside Down, where Hawkins faces a bigger threat than the Demogorgon: the Shadow Monster. 

10/26/2017, 12:24am

Bringing buzz to the invention of the vibrator

“The Vibrator Play” was originally written and published by playwright Sarah Ruhl in 2009. This production is directed by Kate Powers, who came to the University last fall to teach a course on women in theater. An all-female crew has been putting the show together since spring.

10/26/2017, 12:16am

Q&A: UMN Theatre Alumnus Ian Truitner

Recently awarded the UMN Alumni of Notable Achievement Award for his work as a filmmaker and media entrepreneur, Ian Truitner was in town to see his film to its final destination at the Twin Cities Film Fest. The theater graduate sat down with A&E to discuss his past, the present and film’s future.