10/16/2017, 1:28am

Street Style: Zombie Pub Crawl

Saturday night, zombies of all shapes and goriness flooded the streets and made their way to the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis for the 13th annual Zombie Pub Crawl. Thunderstorms only added to the night's eerie atmosphere and the rain made spooky costumes even scarier. Here are the most noteworthy:

10/12/2017, 10:41pm

Rich and bold, sweet and spicy or smooth and gourd-y? A latte review.

As temperatures and (quite probably) academic grades plummet, the perfect fall latte is a must-have when cozying up to study.  This week, A&E scoured the streets from West Bank to Southeast Como in search of a latte with rich flavors and reminiscent of autumns past. A latte so bold you actually stand a chance of working on the homework you brought along to the cafe, a latte unlike any other: here are campus’s finest.

10/12/2017, 12:39am

A&E’s guide to Friday the 13th

The next Friday the 13th won’t fall in October for another six years, so take advantage of the variety of options held on the (second) creepiest day of the year. Most events are in high-demand, so reserve tickets and make plans ahead of time in case of sold-out shows and long lines. Events across the Twin Cities metro area range from amped-up haunted houses to cheap tattoos — which will you choose?

10/12/2017, 12:32am

Bright lights, bigger picture

Edie Overturf is an assistant printmaking professor at the University of Minnesota, and one of five recipients of the Jerome Fellowship for emerging artists in 2016 — that's from a pool of 229 applicants.