11/12/2017, 11:10pm

Gustavo Germano’s 'Ausencias/Absences' brought to the Quarter Gallery at Regis

Argentine photographer Gustavo Germano’s exhibition “Ausencias/Absences" opened at Regis Center for Art on Friday night.  Brought to the University largely on behalf of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Professor Ana Forcinito, the photographs confront the state-enforced disappearances that took place during the 1960s to 1980s dictatorships in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

11/12/2017, 11:01pm

Review: Taylor Swift’s 'Reputation'

The album title might have made sense years ago, but today, Taylor Swift’s reputation as either celebrity or musician is painfully irrelevant. And if it’s meant to be ironic, it should at least be worth listening to.