2/1/2018, 1:31am

Street style: In Blegen, hallways turn to runways

Dark stairwells with no traffic policy, high-school-reminiscent bathroom graffiti and the permeating smell of basement Subway. There’s just something about Blegen Hall.  Then there’s the array of gorgeous people from a number of majors that wander its halls, only there because they have to be. They roam the windowless hallways on the way to a liberal arts discussion with only the promise of a single-serving Papa John's pizza to get them through.

2/1/2018, 1:23am

Uncovering the Walker Archives

In addition to its exhibitions and permanent collection, the Walker holds a rich selection of contemporary art books and archival materials that are consistently used for research and reference. Saturday morning, the art center opened their library and archives for a public tour initiated by St. Kate's Society of American Archivists Student Chapter. 

1/29/2018, 12:45am

Review: “Hostiles” tries to revise history and Western film traditions

“Hostiles” opens with a symbol of Western movies — a prairie home nestled between rocky ridges, horses milling about in a corral and a picturesque American family. Within minutes, the house burns to the ground. In this moment, “Hostiles” begins its attempt to do the same to the tired conventions of the Western genre, but the match never quite strikes.