7/19/2017, 5:37am

Live action role play group calls Van Cleve Park home

Water breaks are an important part of any active sport, from basketball to tennis. They're even more important when the players wear long cotton tunics, leather armor and boots. That's the uniform of a handful of men and women who play Dagorhir, a type of live action role play.

7/18/2017, 6:23am

Hot dogs are back. Here are the best ones in Minneapolis

As hipsters move from craft beer back to cheap stuff for authenticity’s sake, they’re also swaying from sushi burritos to hot dogs. On top of that, Snapchat’s dancing hot dog filter is bringing even more fame to the ballpark classic. Hot dogs are in. In Minneapolis, there are a lot of hot dog options.

7/12/2017, 5:11am

U students to bring film noir to Fringe Festival

Some say the best ideas begin as sketches on napkins. That’s exactly how “Hot Air,” a film noir-inspired play created by University of Minnesota students, got its start. Art junior Fletcher Wolfe had written “Hot Air” as a short story when English and theater junior Nick Saxton, came to him wanting to write a play.