11/5/2017, 10:15pm

Q&A: College of Design Dean Carol Strohecker

The College of Design recently hired Carol Strohecker as the dean, a role that hasn’t been permanently filled for the past two academic years. Previously the vice provost at Rhode Island School of Design, Dean Strohecker’s goal is to bring stability and prosperity to the college.

11/5/2017, 10:13pm

UMN A Cappell-Off was pitch perfect

At Coffman Union Friday evening, a line of bundled-up undergrads stretched from the building's theater, around the escalators and out toward the doors by the Goldy statue. No, it wasn’t free hot chocolate; it was the A Cappell-Off, a performance by student groups, for students. A cappella means singing without instrumental accompaniment, and these groups certainly didn’t miss it. They had everything they needed: beatboxers for vocal percussion and about a dozen members to sing every possible range.