1/29/2018, 12:29am

New "Vanishing Ice" exhibit now at Weisman

“Vanishing Ice” is a traveling exhibition that focuses on three regions: Alpine, Arctic and Antarctic. The selected photos, paintings, installations, audio and videos at Weisman are a smaller iteration of the full-scale exhibit, but feature artists from almost every continent dating from 1860 to the present. 

1/25/2018, 2:05am

A&E’s guide to Super Bowl week

It’s not every day the Super Bowl comes to town! With concerts, clubs and cover charges exceeding hundreds and hundreds of dollars, Super Bowl week may seem a bit intimidating, if not entirely impossible. Luckily, there are a number of free and low-cost events happening all over Minneapolis for those of us who can’t afford to party with JT and Cardi B.

1/25/2018, 2:04am

A&E's guide to this semester's non-required reading

You know how sometimes you're shopping in the University of Minnesota bookstore and you see a book that looks fabulous, but you know you'll never be able to fit that class into your schedule? We have you covered — just don't forget to bring your U-Card to checkout.