Prime Place Apartments, seen under construction on Sunday, Nov. 12.
Prime Place Apartments, seen under construction on Sunday, Nov. 12.

11/13/2017, 6:28am

At Prime Place, safety of residents falls into question as private inspection exposes violations

Delays, relocations and shoddy construction have made the City-approved apartment complex near campus almost unlivable.

Investigations of a University-area apartment show developers of the building repeatedly broke deadlines and forced students to keep leases for apartments that shouldn't have been approved to take in any residents at all. 

10/22/2017, 10:34pm

Aftermath of Mogadishu attack felt across Minneapolis and University

Diini Sabrie spoke to his longtime friend Ahmed AbdiKarin Eyow for the last time Oct. 14. The two exchanged messages that Saturday afternoon about Eyow’s trip to Mogadishu and what it felt like for him to be home again. Six hours later, a truck armed with explosives drove into the center of Mogadishu, killing hundreds and leveling a nearby hotel and other buildings.

10/17/2017, 11:14pm

Prime Place residents angry with living conditions, seek legal action

Moving into a half-constructed apartment clouded with dust and paint fumes a month later than promised was not on Hannah McMahon’s to-do list this fall.  Over 100 students like McMahon, frustrated by Prime Place Apartment’s unmet promises, joined a Facebook group this month to raise awareness and explore legal options.