12/1/2017, 1:16am

Falcon Heights City Council preparing fee for UMN St. Paul campus

The Falcon Heights City Council is taking steps to impose a fee that would apply to the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus — currently a tax-exempt property. The franchise fee would bring Falcon Heights about $130,000 each year. The city has seen an increase in the cost of law enforcement because of their new contract through Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

12/1/2017, 1:02am

UMN will change fetal tissue research policy

The University of Minnesota will change its fetal tissue research policies next fall in response to a change in state law. Pending final administrative approval, the new policy will require researchers to justify the use of fetal tissue from elective abortions, as well as submit research applications to additional review boards. The state law mandating these changes followed an unsuccessful 2016 suit against the University alleging illegal research practices.