9/21/2017, 1:15am

UMPD partners with MPD to reduce traffic deaths

The University of Minnesota Police Department is working with the Minneapolis Police Department to reduce traffic deaths in the city.  UMPD, MPD and other state police departments will combat drunk driving and other dangers through the Toward Zero Deaths traffic enforcement program.

9/21/2017, 1:12am

Minneapolis holds Welcoming Week event in Cedar-Riverside

To foster community dialogue, Minneapolis city officials led a discussion in Cedar-Riverside to connect immigrants and refugees with resources. The Welcoming Week event was held at the Brian Coyle Center Tuesday. The forum showcased community leaders, immigrants and city officials who discussed concerns about the national political climate and shared stories and challenges of coming to Minneapolis.

9/21/2017, 1:07am

Increasing number of humanities Ph.D.s face shrinking job market

Data released in August by the Humanities Indicators, a project of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, show the number of students receiving humanities degrees is steadily rising as the number of job opportunities fall. This steady increase in humanities doctorates started in the early 2000s, and job openings haven’t improved since a sharp drop in 2008 after the recession.

9/21/2017, 1:03am

Life after MSA: Inside the many careers of former UMN student body presidents

From advocating for civil rights in the courtroom to managing political campaigns to kick-starting genetic research companies, the University’s student government has opened up avenues for its members beyond the public sector. They said the organization was instrumental in not only helping them make connections, but shaping their interests and developing their character.