9/17/2017, 10:19pm

Al's Breakfast joins 'crowded' Dinkytown late-night scene

New Al’s Breakfast co-owner Alison Kirwin is taking the 67-year-old business in an unexpected direction. Al’s Breakfast began offering weekend late-night hours — with an exclusive menu — for the first time Sept. 8. While students are excited for the opportunity to have breakfast at night, staffing the late-night hours has been a challenge.

9/17/2017, 10:16pm

Dog travels from Iran to University for special veterinary treatment

After firecrackers were taped in his mouth and lit, severely burning his face, Raha, a sighthound-shepherd mix, survived malnourishment and traveled from Iran to the University of Minnesota for special treatment. After his August surgery at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center, the young dog, who was rescued in Iran this summer, lives at the Home for Life Animal Sanctuary near Star Prairie, Wisconsin.

9/17/2017, 10:15pm

Much of U.S. tap water contaminated by microplastics, study says

The tap water U.S. residents drink every day may be contaminated by harmful microplastics, according to new research by a recent University of Minnesota graduate. The study tested samples of beer, salts and tap water taken from across the world for traces of plastics, which can be harmful to human health. Ninety-four percent of samples from the U.S. contained the microplastics, according to the study released this month.