Column 10/16/2017, 1:38am

Haasch: New gender-neutral emojis are small, but crucial representation

Last Monday, Apple released iOS update 11.1. Typically, I don’t pay attention to iOS updates — my phone is too full of photos, apps and music to even think about downloading them. However, this update caught my attention, and not because of its bug fixes and the return of the iPhones 3D multi-task feature. Rather, I was intrigued by a slew of new emojis such as a fairy, a curling stone, a broccoli and perhaps most notably, three gender neutral emojis at various ages. 

Column 10/16/2017, 1:34am

Ailts: Open textbooks and the future of higher education

Last month, Senator Al Franken reintroduced the Affordable Textbook Act in Congress – this is a bill Franken has been trying to push for the past few years, but has yet to make real headway. This bill needs to be taken seriously by Congress.

Letter to the Editor 10/16/2017, 1:29am

Letter: 'Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge' editorial grossly misleading

First of all, vandalism is, in Minnesota, a misdemeanor or felony at most — not, as this paper claimed, a breach of constitutional rights. The Constitution grants the federal government specific powers. Rather than being a document of limitations, it is a document that specifically grants our government its limited set of powers. The Bill of Rights comprise a list of protections for the people against that government, the First Amendment being the one invoked by this paper.