Column 2/19/2018, 1:02am

Ababiy: Ending the police sexual misconduct loophole

Under New York law, consensual sex between cops and detainees isn’t explicitly outlawed and only carries a misconduct charge with a maximum one-year sentence. Their legal reasoning has worked in other states with similar laws; Shockingly, Minnesota’s laws aren’t any different. Under the Minnesota Criminal Code, it is unlawful for what it calls “positions of authority,” like your parole officer, jail guard and even therapist, to engage in sexual acts with you. 

2/19/2018, 1:02am

Editorial: Proposed changes to the Student Conduct Code aren't the problem

A Student Conduct Code change was recently proposed that would include an updated policy holding student groups liable for any conduct they direct, sponsor or endorse that violates the University's conduct code. The groups would also be held liable if a student group's officers fail to prevent misconduct that occurs during a group event. Previously, student groups were exempt from such punitive actions. Over the past few weeks, many students have become frustrated with the potential implications of this change in the conduct code. Their frustrations mainly arise from the impact it will have on student protest. 

Column 2/19/2018, 12:58am

Ailts: In the wake of a brutal flu season, the University should reconsider its sick note policy

While students on our campus should have the right to stay home and take care of themselves while sick, the University’s sick note policy might make that difficult in some cases. According to administrative policy regarding verification of absences, “The instructor has the right to request, and the student must provide if requested, verification for absences."