Editorial 10/30/2017, 7:31am

Editorial: The Minnesota Daily's endorsement for Ward 3

Ward 3 is a robust part of the City of Minneapolis. The ward is comprised of major parts of the Downtown East and Downtown West neighborhoods, which are extremely business-heavy, as well as some of the largest residential neighborhoods in the city, including Marcy-Holmes, Northeast and North Loop.

Editorial 10/30/2017, 7:30am

Editorial: The Minnesota Daily's endorsement for Ward 6

Abdi Warsame, the current city council member representing Ward 6 of Minneapolis, was elected in 2013 as the first Somali-American in a municipal office. During this past term, Warsame undertook important challenges in the community and worked relentlessly to address them.

Editorial 10/29/2017, 11:28pm

Editorial: Our endorsement process

From Oct. 6 to Oct. 20, the four members of the Minnesota Daily’s editorial board interviewed 10 candidates for the Minneapolis mayoral and city council races at the Daily’s office.