Editorial 9/14/2017, 12:06am

Editorial: International student groups should be safe space for all

Student groups are an important part of college life. For many students, they are a place to find a sense of purpose and community. International student groups are especially valuable because a significant portion of the University of Minnesota's student body is from another country — 9.2 percent, as of 2015. Living in a foreign country can be exciting, but also challenging, and these groups become a space for students who are far from their own homes to feel more at home on campus. 

Editorial 9/10/2017, 10:34pm

Editorial: Protect DACA beneficiaries

Tuesday, Sept. 5 marked a dark day for some 800,000 beneficiaries — and many more supporters — of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. President Donald Trump announced that he would end the five-year-old program, giving a six-month shutdown period before the first batch of “dreamers” are eligible for deportation. This decision by Trump certainly was not well-received by the majority of Democrats, some Republicans and other prominent business and institution leaders, including University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler, who issued a timely and frank response.

Column 9/10/2017, 10:29pm

Ailts: How can we learn to think for ourselves?

Unlearning conformity and protecting intrinsic curiosity is a pathway to becoming an engaged citizen and making education fun for ourselves — it doesn’t necessarily have to be a grind; it doesn’t always have to feel like an obligation. Especially if you enjoy your major, you have the opportunity to relearn how to think and to reconsider how you approach education and being a lifelong student.

Column 9/10/2017, 10:24pm

Haasch: Reawakening dormant friendships

In the face of the stress of school and adult life, interpersonal relationships may not seem like a priority, but, to the contrary, they are actually an important source of stress relief and support. Even a quick, “Hey, hope your semester is starting off well!” text can help to nourish a connection that hasn’t been active for months or years.