Column 7/2/2018, 10:47pm

Venkata: Adequate investment should be put into high-speed rail

Don’t get me wrong, flights are convenient. They’re fast and fun, and sometimes you score something duty-free. But especially if you’re buying last-minute, they can cost an arm and a leg. Furthermore, the amount of pollution a commercial jet emits in one flight is shocking. For example, flying round-trip New York to San Francisco stamps 0.9 metric tons of a carbon footprint per passenger, or about 20 percent of the average annual car emission. 

Editorial 7/2/2018, 10:43pm

Editorial: Bureau of Criminal Apprehension should release body cam footage of Thurman Blevins Jr. shooting

With the death of Thurman Blevins Jr., we face yet another tragic and fatal police shooting that is provoking anger and distrust throughout our community, especially among the citizens of North Minneapolis. As the investigation of this shooting begins, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension should, at the very least, be as transparent as possible with the public.