Column 10/25/2018, 7:36am

Venkata: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA debacle

When the going gets tough — and it sure is, for every single contender in the upcoming midterms — we can sometimes make snap judgments, or even heavily meditated ones, that in retrospect were wrong. Sometimes we mean one thing, but accidentally and loudly say something else.

Editorial 10/21/2018, 10:05pm

Editorial: Hard alcohol ban is only the first step

The North American Interfraternity Council (NIC) shocked fraternities nationwide when it was announced in August that chapters had one year to ban hard alcohol. However, the University of Minnesota's Interfraternity Council (IFC) decided to jump-start the process, with the ban starting on Sept. 31. While the new policy is working toward solving the many issues alcohol brings, it's only the first step.  

Column 10/18/2018, 12:18am

Venkata: Spend our time wisely

If anything will break my heart, it isn’t Darnell Epps’s moving New York Time's opinion piece about his life during and after an approximately 17-year stint in prison. It’s the comments. 

Column 10/18/2018, 12:18am

Ababiy: Neighborhood organizations need the student voice

Developers have had their eyes on Dinkytown for a long time. One Minnesota Daily article from 2013 reported that "more than half of Dinkytown property owners surveyed by the Minnesota Daily have been approached by a developer interested in their land."A look at Google's Street View shows these developers have been successful.

Column 10/14/2018, 9:45pm

Haasch: Transphobia on painted bridge panel mocks real social issues

The University of Minnesota College Republican’s bridge panel was vandalized this past Friday night or Saturday morning for the third year in a row. As a seasoned paint the bridge veteran and senior at the University, I am exactly the opposite of surprised. In the past three years — from basically the 2016 elections that made President Donald Trump the head of state onward — UMNCR has filled its panels with generally incendiary rhetoric. 

Editorial 10/14/2018, 9:44pm

Editorial: Get vaccinated

The return of fall means the return of many things, like colorful leaves, cooler temperatures and, everyone’s favorite, football games. However, it also means the return of flu season. This flu season, we urge every person to get their flu vaccination.