Column 11/5/2017, 10:12pm

Ailts: Prioritize your sleep schedule and watch your grades and your health improve

Midterm season is just beginning to wrap up for many, and we’re all a little worse for wear because of it. During busy seasons like midterms and finals, it’s near impossible to not have your sleep schedule disrupted — if you even had one to begin with. With school, extracurricular activities, jobs and attempting a social life, 3-4 hours of sleep and a few all-nighters are par for the course.

Letter to the Editor 11/5/2017, 10:08pm

Letter: Why Ward 3 matters

Why has the Ward 3 city council race become so contentious? Because the ward stands at the crossroads — geographically and politically — of the future of Minneapolis. The stakes have been sharply drawn: should this city be run and built by and for developers and the city’s powerful elite, or should it be a city where students and workers can thrive?