Letter to the Editor 9/10/2017, 10:12pm

Letter: A large, yet exclusive campus

I seriously thought the University of Minnesota was supposedly an inclusive community, but I never knew that each individual college would be so exclusive. Any student can take a class as random as artificial insemination or pig judging, but they cannot take courses that might help them professionally in the future. After working in companies such as Target and Best Buy, all University students should get the ability to take the courses they wish and be able to attend any career fair. 

Column 9/7/2017, 1:24am

McCarthy: Openly discussing shortcomings in the people we admire

Do you remember when you found out that there are entire websites and blogs devoted to the phrase “your fave is problematic?”  These “Aha!” moments of realization can range from seeing a dug up childhood photo of your favorite (white) celeb sporting cornrows on a tropical vacation, to the panic upon finding that most of the TV shows or movies you loved slip in casual uses of words like “tranny.”