Editorial 9/4/2017, 10:45pm

Editorial: MSA and Dining Services need to be proactive about students needs

The Minnesota Student Association announced that, beginning Tuesday, University of Minnesota dining halls would feature halal and kosher options. In a Facebook post made by the group on Aug. 24, the options were made public. The shared document revealed eight certified kosher meals in residential dining halls on campus and expanded options for halal foods, such as halal chicken breasts. In the past, students have had difficulty finding appropriate dining options.

Letter to the Editor 8/2/2017, 7:11am

Letter: Importance of President Kaler’s Prevent Sexual Misconduct Initiative

As chair of President Eric Kaler’s Initiative to Prevent Sexual Misconduct, I thank you for your editorial July 19 commending the University of Minnesota School of Public Health’s new sexual health minor and calling for the U to do more. The SPH also offers a course for under-graduates called Sexuality Matters that takes the positive approach to relationships you support.