Anant Naik


Naik: The need for campus debate

As a senior at the University of Minnesota, I’ve often found myself gazing in the past, scouring through the many memories stored in the patterns of synapses in my brain. Perhaps the most potent lesson I’ve learned is the need to speak out against those I disagree with rather than pouting or internalizing differences, only to burst out when I’ve had enough. 

Naik: Physicians’ role in healthcare

After volunteering in the emergency department of a county hospital for several months, I realized how difficult it is for physicians to truly fix medical issues rooted in socioeconomic inequality. A flow of patients would enter the ED with various conditions.

The frightening aspects of Donald Trump's foreign policy

Let me tell you a horror story — imagine if the U.S. elected someone who, within his first month elected, may have destroyed American diplomatic ties with China, allegedly endorsed a strongman dictator who’s slaughtering his country’s people and whose newest candidate for Secretary of State has close ties to Vladimir Putin.

Castro’s life shouldn’t be celebrated

Last week, Fidel Castro died. Castro — a man who will be remembered for his revolutionary movement in Cuba, hundreds of survived assassination attempts, his unwavering resentment of the United States and his relentless and fierce will. But he’ll also be remembered for his brutal, dictatorial regime, which violated countless human rights.

The importance of meditation

Yesterday was perhaps the worst day of my semester. Stark deprivation of sleep coupled with anxiety over midterms was not a good combination for me, or for anyone else. It’s easy to forget with all that’s happening in the academic realm, with extracurricular activities and with family and friends, that I am a human being, and my brain cannot continue to operate at an incredibly stressful level.

How students can be engines for creative change in Haiti

Last week, Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti — a country already reeling from a cholera crisis that has killed thousands of people and crumbling infrastructure coupled with housing shortages from the earthquake back in 2010.