Carter Blochwitz


New Dinkytown businesses face delays, hope to open by early 2018

Num-mi, a new Vietnamese restaurant, and Left Click Lounge, a cafe geared toward video game enthusiasts, have faced delayed openings. Owners say the two businesses, each located on 14th Avenue Southeast, have been delayed due to final preparations and state inspection postponements. 

City of Minneapolis, local neighborhoods map out future

Minneapolis city planners and local neighborhood organizations are developing long-term plans to shape the city’s future. Several community engagement events mark the start of a new phase in the Minneapolis 2040 visioning process, which will influence the physical and economic development of the city in its 20-year comprehensive plan.

Affordable housing in Cedar-Riverside set for expansive renovation

A refinancing plan for the expansive repair project was presented by the nonprofit West Bank Community Development Corporation during its annual meeting on Nov. 13. The plan detailed an estimated $10.5 million construction budget that will go toward refurbishing 74 Riverside Homes buildings, which are scattered throughout Cedar-Riverside.

After initial voting, Hodges' prospects wane

Around 50 people made up the group waiting on election results at Gandhi Mahal Restaurant on East Lake Street Tuesday, where incumbent Mayor Betsy Hodges acknowledged her initial prospects weren't promising. 

UMPD expands community engagement team

The University of Minnesota Police Department is expanding its community engagement efforts to better connect with students and staff. UMPD added two new officers to its community engagement team this fall. The move received a positive response from University professors and administrators.

U research calls for more renewables amid national policy changes

Amid federal policy changes, University of Minnesota researchers have identified a need for more renewable energy. University researchers published a study last month in the journal "Environmental Science & Technology," revealing more renewables are needed to help cut emissions. The study’s results preceded federal policy changes by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which announced plans to repeal former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan on Oct. 10.

U researchers look to harness fish virus in fight against invasive carp

University of Minnesota researchers see a recent fish virus outbreak as a chance to combat an invasive species plaguing state lakes.  Researchers at the University’s Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) in St. Paul have been studying the usage of Koi herpesvirus (KHV) — responsible for recent carp deaths in Minnesota lakes — for potential bio-control of invasive carp. Koi fish are a subspecies of common carp, making them both susceptible to the virus.

UMN project delivers crocheted toys to sick kids

A University of Minnesota professor has partnered with state inmates to bring hand-made toys to sick kids. Dubbed “Project Teddy Bear,” the joint effort involves students collecting yarn that they send to a male corrections institute, where inmates crochet stuffed toys like birds, unicorns, dinosaurs and cartoon characters. The stuffed toys are then donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis.