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Editorial: UMN Student Services Fee should not be made optional

Last week, the Minnesota Daily reported on a legislative proposal that could impact funding for a number of groups and students resources on the University of Minnesota campus, including the Boynton Health Service and the Aurora Center. The proposed change would require the school to make its student services fee optional.

Editorial: Post-recession, state funding for higher ed lags. This is unacceptable.

In Monday’s edition of the Minnesota Daily, reporter Ryan Faircloth explored the fact that funding for the University of Minnesota and Minnesota higher education at-large has not bounced back since the Great Recession of 2008, and in fact data shows that each subsequent recession has further constricted funding for higher education in the state. Brian Burnett, the University of Minnesota’s senior vice president for finance and operations explained the situation to the Minnesota Daily: “You’re watching a change in who’s the primary provider of funds for the education of the students at the University of Minnesota ... And it’s changing from the state to the parents and students.” What’s more, University of Minnesota tuition has risen about 40 percent since 2007.

Editorial: New campus apartment seems to have hollow promises

When you’re a University of Minnesota student, the question of housing seems to occupy half of your conversations no matter the time of year. As soon as you’ve secured a unit to rent for next year, you’re forced to plan ahead for the following year so you can find affordable, close and livable accommodations that won’t hinder your quest to earn a degree, live out your social life and maintain your mental health.The housing problem is compounded because it’s more than just a question of personal comfort, it’s also an ethical question: is your housing impacting the community it surrounds? Many luxury apartment complexes in Dinkytown andStadium Village — and now in Southeast Como and even Marcy-Holmes — have been rightly criticized for leveling beloved local businesses, changing neighborhood aesthetics and impacting the historic spirit of certain locales. We’ve asked similar questions in past editorials, which have pondered whether luxury apartments are the right move for the University of Minnesota community’s housing needs.

Editorial: State Legislature must come together to fund the UMN

Last week, spending bills, which would affect how much funding the University of Minnesota gets from the state, passed at the Minnesota Legislature — but not without political division. The House’s omnibus bill, which packages together multiple agendas for higher education, passed with a 77-53 vote.

Editorial: UMN is making strides in promoting diversity in STEM

Student groups in the College of Science and Engineering such as Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Society for Women Engineers, and other CSE diversity-oriented groups came together Monday to discuss diversity shortfalls in STEM education and what CSE ought to do in the future to improve.