Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: Al Franken should resign

While the consequences for these these allegations go beyond Franken's job, he should immediately resign as his past actions do not reflect the principles that our government leaders should adhere to. 

Editorial: Student impacts should be valued in tax reform

Under the House of Representatives’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, University of Minnesota students would see repeals in many tax exemptions, provisions and credits they currently enjoy. Amidst claims by Republican leaders that the tax bill would cut taxes for middle class families, the House bill would burden many families that send students to receive post-secondary education. 

Editorial: Voters should engage representatives

With such a divided Congress and shocking policy changes, it is important to remember that a citizen's vote in still important outside of elections. There are plenty of ways for citizens to engage government officials and curve policy, without monopolizing their time and still being effective. 

Editorial: Making reparations from sexual misconduct

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was recently accused by Leeann Tweeden, a Los Angeles radio host, of kissing and groping her without her consent. This accusation of misconduct was from two years before Franken was elected, when Tweeden and him were traveling on a tour to entertain troops abroad. 

Editorial: Affordable housing policy should emphasize livability

Recently, a private inspection of the new Prime Place Apartments building revealed serious fire safety violations that placed more than 100 University of Minnesota students in jeopardy. Additionally, the building appears to be poorly built on multiple accounts.

Editorial: Voters should do more to understand ranked-choice voting

Simply put, ranked-choice voting is complicated, even to voters who turnout in the election. However, do the concerns with the system fall on the system or the people? At the end of the day, just as it is up to the voter to know the candidates and then vote, it should be up to the voters to know the system. 

Editorial: Go vote in the Minneapolis election on Nov. 7

It’s important for everyone to realize how important this election is, whether they subscribe to the status quo or are passionate for revolutionary change. For mayor, there are 16 candidates that may appear to advocate for similar policies, but distinguish themselves in the understanding of nuance in local politics.