Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: Charging stations needed at the U

Electric cars are quickly gaining popularity within our state. Starting this January, Minnesotan owners of fully electric cars will be required to pay a fee each year to make up for the gas revenue that is lost.

Editorial: New housing law is discriminatory

Disabled people face multiple types of discrimination throughout their lives. In November, a bill was passed that allowed the city of West and South St. Paul to prohibit those who use government assistance for physical and mental disabilities from being able to move into new houses in the community. Many of the houses in the area are not well suited for the needs for disabled people, and those that are attempting to live in the city will only be able to if another tenant using the same services moves out.

Editorial: Out of state tuition hikes a necessary evil

Last week, the Board of Regents discussed the need to raise student tuitions. In their finalized budget, they raised tuition by 2 percent for residents, and 12.5 percent for incoming nonresident students. Tuition hikes are not preferable, but the needs of the University are also increasing.

Editorial: Trump logo on shirts isn't offensive

Censorship has remained a highly controversial topic within our nation and on our campus. Incidents during our last Paint the Bridge event led to conversations about what type of speech is and is not acceptable.