Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: Out of state tuition hikes a necessary evil

Last week, the Board of Regents discussed the need to raise student tuitions. In their finalized budget, they raised tuition by 2 percent for residents, and 12.5 percent for incoming nonresident students. Tuition hikes are not preferable, but the needs of the University are also increasing.

Editorial: Trump logo on shirts isn't offensive

Censorship has remained a highly controversial topic within our nation and on our campus. Incidents during our last Paint the Bridge event led to conversations about what type of speech is and is not acceptable.

Editorial: Measles show health disparities

Last month, Minnesota experienced its largest outbreak of measles in the past three decades. Currently, 76 cases have rattled the state with most involving the Somali-American community near Hennepin County.

Editorial: UMN Student Services Fee should not be made optional

Last week, the Minnesota Daily reported on a legislative proposal that could impact funding for a number of groups and students resources on the University of Minnesota campus, including the Boynton Health Service and the Aurora Center. The proposed change would require the school to make its student services fee optional.

Editorial: Post-recession, state funding for higher ed lags. This is unacceptable.

In Monday’s edition of the Minnesota Daily, reporter Ryan Faircloth explored the fact that funding for the University of Minnesota and Minnesota higher education at-large has not bounced back since the Great Recession of 2008, and in fact data shows that each subsequent recession has further constricted funding for higher education in the state. Brian Burnett, the University of Minnesota’s senior vice president for finance and operations explained the situation to the Minnesota Daily: “You’re watching a change in who’s the primary provider of funds for the education of the students at the University of Minnesota ... And it’s changing from the state to the parents and students.” What’s more, University of Minnesota tuition has risen about 40 percent since 2007.