Danielle Korby


City adds grant for neighborhood organizations

The financial relationship between Minneapolis officials and neighborhood organizations has historically been one-sided — the city funds the groups based on neighborhoods’ needs rather than what officials prioritize.  

U takes new approach to reduce achievement gap

The University of Minnesota is taking a new approach to reducing one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation. The school launched a website last week that could help local K-12 school officials and policymakers easily access work addressing the educational achievement gap between white students and students of color from more than 130 University researchers.

Nurses seek louder voice in decisions

Nurses make up the largest portion of the health care workforce, but in many cases they have little say about the policies that govern the field. In an attempt to strengthen nurses’ voices in health care policy, the American Academy of Nursing’s Institute for Nursing Leadership began its work as a full committee last week — just one effort in a larger national push to encourage nurses to participate on governing boards.

Designing for a crowd eased by new discovery

University of Minnesota researchers discovered a way to mitigate the frustration that can sometimes come from interacting with large groups of people. The scientists analyzed video footage to uncover a law of physics that explains peoples’ interactions in large crowds —  findings that architects could use to design safer and more efficient buildings. According to their equation, the more discomfort people show in a crowd, the more likely they are to collide.

Learning through practice

A 16-year-old boy sat with his grandmother, aunt and cousin Friday, discussing the boy’s drug use. His grandmother began crying in the camera-monitored room as she expressed her concern over his drug use, while a University of Minnesota social work graduate student looked on from across the room.