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Schneider: The Minnesota high school walkouts lack meaning because they aren’t student-led

There are numerous issues in having a politically motivated protest be facilitated by school administration. Firstly, it undermines the value in student-led civil engagement. Students are receiving massive coverage and being praised for their bravery and activism, when in reality they are only participating in school sanctioned events. I doubt students will learn anything about civil engagement or grassroots activism if they are only following directions. 

Schneider: What’s wrong with hookup culture on campus

Not only is it no longer a part of sexual normalcy to maintain romantic feelings for a partner, but it is often the case that it can be one of the biggest violations of social standards. The University of Minnesota isn’t immune to these cultural shifts; in fact, we have in some ways epitomized them. 

Schneider: How Minnesota can start to address gun control

There was yet another mass shooting in Florida on Valentine’s Day. A 19-year-old man named Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School armed with a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle — a weapon he obtained legally — and brutally murdered 17 people including students and school staff.  

Schneider: The “Me Too” movement is not hysteria

The “Me Too” movement is one of empowerment — cultural revelation that signifies a turning point in the treatment and equality of women. This should not be dismissed as hysteria. Some critics feel the movement is embodying female helplessness by reverting to old ideas of sexual violence and women without agency. However, the focus should remain on dismantling a sex culture that urges women to prioritize the desires of men above their own.  

Schneider: Trump’s 'shithole' remark should be a wakeup call

What I’ve taken away from President Donald Trump’s "shithole" remarks is that he is ignorant and oblivious. Under the Trump administration, behaviors that previously would never have been allowed are repeatedly written off because we simply don’t expect more of Trump.

Schneider: College athletics prove to be a bigger priority for universities

It has become clear to me that this University, and higher education as a whole, prioritizes athletics over academics. As a student with virtually no athletic ability, I walk around campus knowing that I am second to those who do. Despite another losing season for the Gophers, Coach Fleck was awarded an extension from 2022, and will be paid roughly $3.6 million per year. In comparison, President Eric Kaler is making $625,250 per year.