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Schneider: College athletics prove to be a bigger priority for universities

It has become clear to me that this University, and higher education as a whole, prioritizes athletics over academics. As a student with virtually no athletic ability, I walk around campus knowing that I am second to those who do. Despite another losing season for the Gophers, Coach Fleck was awarded an extension from 2022, and will be paid roughly $3.6 million per year. In comparison, President Eric Kaler is making $625,250 per year. 

Schneider: Rolling back the birth control mandate is a problem

Providing contraceptives empowers women economically. It is no coincidence that women who have control over their bodies execute more control over their lives. There are strong correlations between the availability of contraceptives, the decline of teenage pregnancies and the increase of women participating in the workforce and earning educations. 

Schneider: What Frey can do for the student housing crisis

As a student who has worked full time, I can attest to the astronomical costs that are weighing on students. I’ve worked 40-hour weeks while juggling 18 credits, and it has not begun to cover the costs I’ve incurred.  A weak economy combined with extreme shortages of affordable housing and the incredible costs of college attendance, not to mention the insufficiency of financial aid, has created an impossible situation. College students who struggle to find affordable housing are more likely to leave without a degree, according to Scholars Strategy Network. Economic downturns have intensified the need for financial support, meanwhile this necessity has largely gone unacknowledged.