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Schneider: UMN shrugs off responsibility in Richard Liu case

Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Liu, is a Chinese billionaire and founder of JD.com. He is also a student in the Carlson School of Management's Doctor of Business Administration Chinese-partnership program at the University of Minnesota. Liu was in Minneapolis briefly as part of the program, and was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting another Chinese student at the University.

Schneider: The University should be doing more to help low-income students

Last week, the Minnesota Daily published a piece that detailed the stained college experience of low-income students. As the price of a college education continues to soar, a degree becomes less attainable and more necessary than ever before. I have, on numerous occasions, questioned whether my mounting students loans, two jobs, endless strings of essays, late night caffeine boosts and study dates with overtired friends are worth my time and effort.  

Schneider: How campus culture cultivates body-image issues

People don’t often discuss how body image issues and eating disorders can translate to college. We enter college with the expectations of a pubescent utopia, in which social pressures and expectations wane in the wake of collective acceptance. But this isn’t the case, specifically when it comes to expectations of how women should look.  

Schneider: Disarming the UMPD is a meaningless cause

On April 12, the Students for a Democratic Society student group staged a protest advocating for the disarming of the University of Minnesota Police Department.  Demilitarization of United States police is not an unpopular sentiment. In fact, it’s not one I disagree with. However, this protest is extremely misguided. The group preaches for carving a progressive path in society, but its cause feels fruitless. This is because guns in the hands of the UMPD is a nonissue. 

Schneider: Don’t let social media dictate your life offline

Social media has truly engulfed and defined our generation to a degree I doubt anyone could’ve foreseen. It’s gone from beyond a mode of communication and connectivity. There is a clear cultural premium placed on sharing your life online, and failure to do so renders you irrelevant. As such, the way we view the world and each other is fundamentally different than previous generations.  

Schneider: Don’t let state lawmakers throw out the Regent Candidate Advisory Council

Minnesota lawmakers have recently been reconsidering the process by which University of Minnesota Board of Regents members are chosen. In the current system, the Regent Candidate Advisory Council, a 24-member panel made up of volunteers, make suggestions to state legislators on who they believe are the best candidates.  The state legislators' proposals to eliminate the RCAC is a nonsensical, thinly-veiled attempt at granting themselves more authority. As reported by the Star Tribune, Rep. Gene Pelowski, DFL-Winona, who favors repealing the panel, says lawmakers like himself often ignore the RCAC’s recommendations for candidates anyway. 

Schneider: The Minnesota high school walkouts lack meaning because they aren’t student-led

There are numerous issues in having a politically motivated protest be facilitated by school administration. Firstly, it undermines the value in student-led civil engagement. Students are receiving massive coverage and being praised for their bravery and activism, when in reality they are only participating in school sanctioned events. I doubt students will learn anything about civil engagement or grassroots activism if they are only following directions.