Emma Nelson


The aftermath

Anarae Schunk’s room hasn’t changed. Clothes hang in her closet, a pair of her shoes sits neatly near the door and books line her shelves — “The Chronicles of Narnia,” “Life of Pi,” edges worn and greyed. On a full-length mirror hanging on the door, “You are beautiful” is written in dry erase marker, staining the glass with the round, lilting penmanship of a young girl. Outside, a wall is lined with trophies from chess tournaments, and a table where she used to tutor elementary and middle school students is still set up.

U student victim of criminal sexual conduct

A man inappropriately touched a University of Minnesota student Thursday afternoon as she was walking near the intersection of Essex Street and Huron Boulevard, University police said. According to a crime alert sent to the University community Friday, the student was walking on the west side of Huron Boulevard, about three blocks from the Superblock, when an unknown man grabbed her shoulder. When she stopped, he grabbed her genital area over her clothing but walked away after she confronted him.

Body found in Chicago River presumed to be that of missing student

A body found in the Chicago River Wednesday afternoon is apparently that of University of Minnesota senior Lauren Li, who fell in the river trying to rescue a friend early Monday. Li was visiting Chicago with friends including Ken Hoang, 26, who died Monday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He passed a fence to reach the river, and fell in trying to retrieve his cell phone after dropping it on the ice. Li and 23-year-old University senior Quoc-Viet Phan Hoang fell in the river trying to rescue Ken Hoang. Quoc-Viet Phan Hoang was hospitalized and released Wednesday.

New CLA dean announced

The University of Minnesota announced Wednesday that John Coleman is set to become the next College of Liberal Arts dean, pending Board of Regents approval. The appointment of Coleman, who has served as political science department chair at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 2007, is set for July 31.

Explosion, fire in Cedar-Riverside injure 14

An explosion and fire at a Cedar-Riverside building Wednesday morning injured 14 people, 6 critically. The building, located at 516 Cedar Ave., is owned by Garad Nor of Wadani Properties LLC and houses apartments and a grocery store.

U student victim of attempted kidnapping

A University of Minnesota student was the victim of an attempted kidnapping early Wednesday, according to University police. The victim was walking near the intersection of University Avenue Southeast and Oak Street Southeast when two males in a dark blue sedan approached her, according to an email crime alert sent to the University community Wednesday evening.

University Village evacuated for two hours after CO leak

A carbon monoxide leak forced University Village residents out of the apartment building for about two hours Friday night. Officials let residents back in shortly after 10 p.m. Minneapolis Fire Battalion Chief Steve Ebert said it’s unclear what caused the elevated carbon monoxide levels, which prompted building staff to call 911 shortly after 8 p.m. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly when inhaled. Ebert said nobody was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning but one woman spoke with emergency medical technicians at the scene.

Halloween robberies add to increasing list

A string of robberies Thursday night added to a growing list of similar incidents near the University of Minnesota campus. Just before midnight Thursday, a suspect approached two victims – one a University student – near the intersection of University and 27th avenues, according to a University-wide email University police sent Friday. The suspect asked to borrow a cell phone, and one of the victims offered one, according to the email. The suspect then pointed a handgun at the victims and demanded valuables, taking two cell phones and a wallet.

Here we are in the 90s

  The fashion world is a time warp. Trends go in and out of style faster than you can say “jeggings,” things we laughed at in our parents’ old photographs have wiggled their way into our own closets, and preparations for spring begin before we’ve fully closed the door on summer. This year’s New York Fashion Week — for spring 2014 — staked claims in multiple decades and countless trends. Some things were familiar (androgyny, underwear as outerwear, animal prints) while others felt comfortingly fresh.