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Kailee Sharp thrives with new-found confidence in her first season as starter

Goalkeeper Kailee Sharp's first start of her career was against Washington State on Aug. 18 in Pullman, Washington. With the band and opposing fans at her back, Sharp couldn't communicate with her teammates for much of the game, but the junior still managed to record a shutout. That's when head coach Stefanie Golan knew she had a confident player in goal.

Minnesota loses border battle on a penalty kick

Minnesota goalkeeper Kailee Sharp said she thinks a handball can happen to anyone. One of these handballs, committed by Gophers defender Tori Burnett in the 96th minute of Minnesota’s game against Wisconsin, led to the game-winning goal by Wisconsin's Dani Rhodes on a penalty kick. Burnett received a yellow card for the violation and the Badgers earned a 1-0 win against the Gophers in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday.

Runs in the family: Bit Klecker ready to raise bar for the Gophers alongside sibling

Running cross country and track and field is a way of life for Gophers freshman Bit Klecker.  Her mother competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics, her father ran cross country for the University of Wisconsin-Stout and two of her siblings are collegiate runners.  Now, the Hopkins High School graduate will join older sister redshirt senior Sarah Klecker on the 2017 Gopher women’s cross country team.

Gophers get five goals against Utah State, closing out nonconference schedule with win

Forward Sydney Squires believes the Gophers are getting tired of close games, and it showed on Friday. Minnesota routed final nonconference opponent Utah State 5-0 at Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium. Squires scored two goals in the winning performance. “We’re sick of the 1-0 games,” Squires said. “It’s nice to come out and actually have the outcomes we think we have earned.”

Defender nets golden goal as Gophers win 1-0

When Providence goalkeeper Shelby Hogan saved a shot off a free kick, she might've thought she was in the clear with under 30 seconds to go in the double overtime of a scoreless match on Sunday. After stopping the shot, Hogan couldn't corral the save, and Minnesota's Maddie Gaffney got the rebound and curled a ball into the goal with around 20 seconds remaining in double overtime at Elizabeth Lyle Robbie Stadium. Gaffney's make was a golden goal as Minnesota (3-1-2) defeated Providence (1-4-0) 1-0.

The imperative of funding basic science

As it should be, politicians and policy makers in this country are continually looking for ways to develop our economy. Often, architects of economic development plans look to technological change or innovation to drive growth. The development of the automobile, jet, computer and the Internet, all technological marvels at the time of their creation, might have been the 20th century's greatest economic development engines.

Learn from history when rebuilding Iraq

Fifty years ago the United States initiated a nation-building operation in Vietnam that, despite some preliminary success, eventually ended in disaster for the United States: the cumulative loss of 58,152 U.S. soldiers and a communist victory in 1975. The 1954-1964 campaign to rebuild Vietnam offers many lessons in incorrect ways to nation-build and it would behoove the current U.S. administration to heed these lessons as they attempt to rebuild Iraq.

Milking consumers for every penny they have

For all the credence economists are given in industrialized countries, it might seem odd that modern capitalist societies often refuse to act upon economists' findings. Growth models, whether on the national or household level, show that savings and investment are necessary for robust growth. Yet most governments and many first-world households overconsume and run increasingly higher deficits.

Coffman restaurants petitioned for longeroperating hours

Tricia Kingsley came to Coffman Union before a night class recently to eat dinner, but was surprised to find only Bene Pizza and the M Deli open. Kingsley, a first-year University student, previously visited the dining area of Coffman only around noon, when the union's food court is livelier. She said she was surprised and frustrated that more restaurants weren't open later than 4 p.m. in the Minnesota Marketplace. And she's not alone.