Haley Bennett


Taste of Greece at weekend festival

What is souvlaki? What’s a Greek church doing in land-locked Minneapolis? How many gyros can one person eat in a day? A&E visited the Taste of Greece Festival this weekend to answer these questions. Just east of Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun), festival-goers sipped Greek wine flights and watched the sun set from the terrace. It was the closest the Twin Cities could come to resembling Santorini.

Q&A: The Miami Dolphins’ Chaotic Pop

A&E sat down with the Miami Dolphins to talk pop, neoliberalism and pumpkin spice. The interview showed the band’s personality mirrors their music: quick, witty and unexpected. 

Dead Media now lives in Powderhorn

One might expect Dead Media to be run by a handful of dads with overlarge LP collections who started a record shop when vinyl and cassettes began to trend ten years ago, but its three owners — Simon Brooks, Walker Neudorff, and Colin Wilkinson — are young, all in their twenties.