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Review: ‘Born 2 Ball’ has no bounce

America likes family-focused franchises, at-home drama that takes place in the public eye. The Balls are the latest manifestation of this fad. LaVar Ball, otherwise known as basketball’s Kris Jenner, juggles three sons — Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo — as well as the clothing line he runs, Big Baller Brand. 

Review: The Shape of Water

It’s the age of time capsules and the Space Race, of turquoise Cadillacs and Jell-O pie. It’s the Cold War in the ’60s, and paranoia governs the States. 

Review: 'The Disaster Artist'

In 2003, Tommy Wiseau released “The Room,” a ferociously passionate melodrama that he wrote, directed, produced and starred in. His hope was to gain Hollywood’s recognition, and he succeeded, but not as he intended. This weekend, “The Disaster Artist” hit the screen of the Uptown Theatre. The movie, directed by James Franco (who also stars as Wiseau), is based on the memoir of the same name by Greg Sestero (who plays ‘Mark’ in “The Room”). 

Review: Björk’s “Utopia”

Eerie and ethereal, Björk’s “Utopia” feels like the musical equivalent of the Driftless Area, that corner of the Midwest the glaciers never touched, leaving its landscape surprisingly different from the rest of the states that surround it.