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Cine Latino Film Fest: A snapshot

The 5th annual Cine Latino Film Fest, hosted by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Society, offered a great variety in today’s Ibero and Latin-American cinema.

No rules apply in the Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society

Grindhouse, trash sci-fi and kung fu films, experimental 3-D — these are the territory of bizarro cinema. The Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society, which has been operating since March, screens one-off hits like “RoboCop.” They also host mystery screenings and series like “Analog Assault” (screenings on VHS) and “Girl Gang Night.”""

Review: Taylor Swift’s 'Reputation'

The album title might have made sense years ago, but today, Taylor Swift’s reputation as either celebrity or musician is painfully irrelevant. And if it’s meant to be ironic, it should at least be worth listening to.

UMN A Cappell-Off was pitch perfect

At Coffman Union Friday evening, a line of bundled-up undergrads stretched from the building's theater, around the escalators and out toward the doors by the Goldy statue. No, it wasn’t free hot chocolate; it was the A Cappell-Off, a performance by student groups, for students. A cappella means singing without instrumental accompaniment, and these groups certainly didn’t miss it. They had everything they needed: beatboxers for vocal percussion and about a dozen members to sing every possible range.

Review: Things are still strange in Hawkins

Spoiler Alert: This story contains plot and character information from the second season of Netflix's "Stranger Things." This was a weekend for binge-watching. If you skipped the Halloween parties to hide from the snow and stare at a screen for nine hours straight, read on.  This weekend marked Netflix’s return to the Upside Down, where Hawkins faces a bigger threat than the Demogorgon: the Shadow Monster. 

Bringing buzz to the invention of the vibrator

“The Vibrator Play” was originally written and published by playwright Sarah Ruhl in 2009. This production is directed by Kate Powers, who came to the University last fall to teach a course on women in theater. An all-female crew has been putting the show together since spring.

Talk about ghosts: Mortuary science and the art of communication

Morticians (also called funeral directors) work with more than dead bodies. They mediate ceremonies of death from floral arrangements to corpse preservation. Their toughest job: explaining to grieving families what’s going on with their family member’s body now that it no longer runs itself.