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‘Are you ready to be totally offended?’

Rob Hubbard, author of “Brave New Workshop: Promiscuous Hostility and Laughs in the Land of Loons,” has been following Brave New Workshop since the 1970s when he was introduced to one of their sketch and improv troupes at the Young America Center.   

Moving forward in environmental lit and film

Massive rallies juxtaposed against smokestacks churning dark pollution into the air is the usual visual formula for a climate change documentary.    However, “This Changes Everything,” which premieres in Minneapolis this week, is more promising than the average documentary — the book it’s based on

From office to hill: Style for the snow

Winter fashion sometimes feels like a useless endeavor. Four layers, a bulky coat and clunky boots bring to mind the Michelin Man rather than a fashionista. 

College Kitchen: Eating meat on a budget

The best part about going home for the holidays should be the familiar faces, catching up with mom and pops and being heralded as the prodigal child. But it’s not. The best part about going home is the sudden reincorporation of meat into the daily diet. The carnivorous beast, starved for so long, finally gets the nourishment it deserves.    It’s challenging to purchase meat as a student.

OktSober Fest: A guide for nondrinkers

Oktoberfest is an all-ages event, and there’s a reason for that — it’s not all about the beer.    “The beer is historically what people think Oktoberfest is about,” promoter Hank Hanten said.

The Twin Cities’ toughest women

Meg Gronau, aka Fannie Tanner, is a mom. She drives a minivan. She’s charming and friendly. She covers her mouth when she chews. She wears Lulu Lemon and keeps her hair in cute, mini, twisty buns.   She can also take a punch. Gronau is the jammer for the Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars travel team and the league’s new members manager.   “I’ve broken my collarbone,” Gronau said.

University honors program showcases students

Danylo Loutchko, an English and theatre major, has been enamored with magic since his Boy Scout leader showed him a sleight of hand trick when he was in kindergarten.  “People’s perception of magic is really low,” Loutchko said. “But the good stuff is definitely on par with more conventional forms of art.

Culture Compass 9/24/2015 - 10/01/2015

Listen to this:   The Shins   Sure, they’re in that awkward “old news” stage. They’re not classics, but they’re not current either. I get it.

Goodnight Gorillas say good afternoon to Northrop

According to Goodnight Gorillas, touring bands eat free. All it takes is a carefully scripted call to the local Pizza Hut.    “I always had to make the call,” bassist Shun Matsuhashi said. “But one time we had a little mix-up and three different places said yes.”    The band arrived at the third pizza place with greasy fingers and a car full of half-empty pizza boxes.