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Turbulent month roils football program: Suspensions, boycott, protest, firings

A woman reported a sexual assault to the Minneapolis Police Department four months ago, and a storm ensued, roiling the University of Minnesota’s Athletics Department over winter break. Prior to the suspension of 10 University of Minnesota football players connected to the alleged assault, restraining orders were served and lifted, and angry reactions from Gophers players spawned a turnover in team leadership. Now, the team will kick off their 2017 season under P.J.

Gophers football players demand 'due process.' The U already promises it.

In the last six days, 10 players on the Gophers football team received an athletics suspension, the entire 126-player team boycotted football activities and, in a less-than-48-hour turn of events, the team ceased its protest. The 10 players were suspended from all football activities Tuesday after a University of Minnesota investigation linked them to an alleged Sept.

Claeys on disciplinary process training: 'We have to do a lot better'

In his first public appearance since the football team announced the end of their boycott Saturday, Gophers football head coach Tracy Claeys dwelled on the reason behind the boycott, saying various times it was to achieve "due process" for their 10 teammates suspended over an alleged Sept.

Thousands of anti-Trump protesters voice pessimism, call for unity in I-94 protest

University of Minnesota students and community members held an anti-Trump rally outside the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and in surrounding streets Thursday night, protesting the President-elect's plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and calling for unity across ethnic, racial and religious lines. Police shut down 19th Avenue South to allow protesters to march. "We stand with you no matter where you come from.

On social media, police say they did not respond to University student's alleged campus assault

University of Minnesota Police tweeted Thursday afternoon they were not involved in the alleged handcuffing of University student Kathy Mirah Tu, who posted to her Facebook page Wednesday that she was verbally and physically attacked while crossing the Washington Avenue Bridge. "I was stop in my tracked by a white male, who yelled at me to 'Go back to Asia.' ... I pretended to not hear any thing and continue on walking since I didn't want to create conflict.

University suspends four wrestlers for violating team rules

Four University of Minnesota wrestlers have been suspended from competition until January, a team spokesman confirmed Wednesday evening. Redshirt freshman Larry Early and sophomores Ethan Lizak, Tommy Thorn and Brandon Krone will remain on the team but are barred from competition until Jan.