Joe Cristo


Minneapolis rock band Private Interests releases new record

Classic power pop is no longer a popular form of rock music. What was once the best shot-rock music with chart success has now been relegated to the trash heap. For Minneapolis rock group Private Interests, reviving power-pop staples — like catchy melodies and heady vocals — is of the utmost importance. “[When we first started] there were a lot of good punk and hardcore bands,” guitarist and singer Cameron Soojian said.

The art of words that don't make any sense

A new exhibit at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts explores the vast terrain of asemic writing — an art form that utilizes abstract, illegible script. The exhibit entitled, “Asemic Writing: Offline and in the Gallery,” will run from March 10 to May 28.

Review: Hippo Campus' debut record 'Landmark' falls short

Uber-cool boy band Hippo Campus is exactly what’s wrong with modern rock music: they’re overblown and self-assuredly smirking; both parts are bleak drivel and derivative posturing. Up until now, fans have only had a few EPs, music videos and live performances on which to base their adoration.