Jonathan Ababiy


Ababiy: Ending the police sexual misconduct loophole

Under New York law, consensual sex between cops and detainees isn’t explicitly outlawed and only carries a misconduct charge with a maximum one-year sentence. Their legal reasoning has worked in other states with similar laws; Shockingly, Minnesota’s laws aren’t any different. Under the Minnesota Criminal Code, it is unlawful for what it calls “positions of authority,” like your parole officer, jail guard and even therapist, to engage in sexual acts with you. 

Ababiy: The Snapchat update is terrible

The new Snapchat update came for us like a jaguar in a "Planet Earth" clip stalking its prey in the jungle. We knew it was coming — Snapchat announced it November last year — just not when exactly it would show up. We tried to prevent it from happening by turning off auto-update, but it still found itself on our phones. 

Ababiy: Turning Point USA's history of mingling in student elections

As our campus swings into student election season and we look to elect new student leadership, the policies and practices of Turning Point USA’s national organization deserve focus. The organization has demonstrated that it is committed to what the Chronicle of Higher Education calls a “stealth plan of political influence” to eliminate thought that is different from its own. 

Ababiy: No more ads on official University emails

I usually read the athletics department’s “Student Update” emails as I sit on my phone and wait for the Campus Connector to take me back to West Bank after a long school day. They seem to come in late afternoon and usually inform me about some obscure sport's game where I can win a free fashion item if I attend. As these emails have become somewhat a routine for me, the veneer has slowly rotted. 

Ababiy: Has the career center reached out to you?

A survey of 32,000 college students at 32 randomly selected institutions by the Gallup Organization and Strada Education Network found that 39 percent of students have never visited their college’s career services office or used online career resources. Even more shocking was that less than 20 percent of students used their school’s career services to obtain a job after graduation or guidance for graduate school. 

Ababiy: Let's be proactive about opioids

All across the country, people are finding bodies in cars, on the streets and in bedrooms. They are of many ages, genders and social classes and they are the latest victims of our country’s opioid epidemic. Since the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies have been heavily and often misleadingly marketing opioid drugs to doctors as a cure for all pain. In turn, doctors began to write too many prescriptions of the highly addictive drugs. 

Ababiy: Your laptop is annoying and bad for everyone

The laptop is an amazing tool — it sustains our modern economy and education system — but it should have no place in our classrooms. Its presence runs totally counter to some of the most basic habits required for success in the classroom: focus, listening, concentration, communication. 

Ababiy: The GOP tax bill is dangerous for higher education

The bill is terrible for a lot of Americans, such as the middle class, people with high medical costs, residents of states with income taxes — and good for others — the wealthy, owners of private jets, heirs and heiresses of estates over $5.5 million. However, it is sneakily a knife to the heart of higher education: graduate students. 

Ababiy: The University must shape the state's technological future

In essence, the University is only teaching its computer science students to tread water and stay afloat in our electronic society, not to swim or to go in a certain direction. This leaves a generation of students subject to the tumultuous currents of technology. I don’t mean that computer science students are merely sheep, but the University treats them as such by not giving them a well-rounded and much-deserved education that must combine professional skills and critical thinking.