Jonathan Ababiy


Ababiy: The NCAA's shallow solutions to college basketball's deep problems

The NCAA decided it was going to get serious about college basketball's slow moral collapse. It created a commission, headed by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to propose solutions to college basketball's ills. While the FBI announced investigations into colleges and apparel companies, the commission met and developed a series of recommendations. 

Ababiy: The crisis of violence in Native communities

For many years, Native American women across the state and country have faced extreme levels of violence. Many women have disappeared, never to be found again. Others have been dealing with violence since childhood. 

Ababiy: Keep mental health care providers and law enforcement separate

Since the shooting that occurred at their school, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas teens have showed a remarkable amount of bravery and courage. They’ve founded a national movement and helped orchestrate one of the largest protests in American history. Our country’s tradition of inaction after mass shooting has become almost cliche, but the MSD students have countered that completely. 

Ababiy: Now is the time to improve Minnesota’s student to counselor ratios

Data shows that our state has the fourth worst counselor-to-student ratio in the country; there are 723 K-12 students for every public school counselor in the state, compared to a national average of 482-to-1 and a recommended 250-to-1 ratio, according to a 2017 report by the American School Counselor Association. 

Ababiy: Don't reject DED for Liberian residents of Minnesota

On March 30, thousands of Liberian Americans across Minnesota and the United States could live their last day as legal residents. Unless they want to face the risk of deportation, those who are not yet citizens will have to pull the plug on their jobs, businesses, and families to return to a country whose lengthy civil wars forced them to flee almost two decades ago. 

Ababiy: Dinkytown should be zoned

Under Dinkytown’s current zoning, much of the lucrative land west of the main commercial strip on 14th Avenue is zoned as residential. Dinkytown does need more housing to help bring down prices, but new construction should be mixed use, not purely residential, like what has been built on the outskirts of the commercial district. The solely residential construction that current zoning supports constrains Dinkytown’s economic potential.

Ababiy: Prevent clustering in dorms

Political scientists have noticed that since the 1970s, Americans have begun to cluster into communities that share similar values and lifestyle preferences. Conservatives and liberals aren’t interacting in their communities as much as they used to. The Economist even wrote that it is making “the culture war more bitter and politics harder.” 

Ababiy: The heroism of the Parkland survivors

The #NotAgain movement is a real political phenomenon, led by the heroic survivors of the Parkland shooting. It is a credible expression of collective exasperation at our modern political situation. We must stand up for victims of the Parkland shooting.

Ababiy: Ending the police sexual misconduct loophole

Under New York law, consensual sex between cops and detainees isn’t explicitly outlawed and only carries a misconduct charge with a maximum one-year sentence. Their legal reasoning has worked in other states with similar laws; Shockingly, Minnesota’s laws aren’t any different. Under the Minnesota Criminal Code, it is unlawful for what it calls “positions of authority,” like your parole officer, jail guard and even therapist, to engage in sexual acts with you.