Kate McCarthy


McCarthy: How to be white and protest

Last week, far-right political activist Lauren Southern visited the University of Minnesota, but not without resistance. Protesters gathered outside Anderson Hall on West Bank on the evening of Oct. 25, in solidarity for a hate-free campus. Standing in the crowd as a white person, alongside my equally white boyfriend, I rehashed a question that always comes up in these protest or rally spaces: how does a white person best conduct themselves? 

McCarthy: Peeking into the world of private Instagrams

When I joined the legions of iPhone users in 2015, one of the first things I did was download Instagram. Shortly after that, friends nudged to “follow my secret Insta.” Guilelessly, I did, and made my own while I was at it. My first post featured me alone at my reception job, imitating a video of someone painfully covering Ed Sheeran’s "Thinking Out Loud."

McCarthy: Theater Mu reflects experiences onstage

One of the biggest reasons I came to the Twin Cities for college is the vibrant theater scene. West Bank alone is home to The Southern Theater, Theatre in the Round and Mixed Blood Theatre Company. In the long list of amazing companies here, there’s one I’m just getting to know that I hope has been written about many times over: Theater Mu.

McCarthy: Let's talk about weather

After another national tragedy, after devastating policy change, or lack of policy change that’s needed to help us progress, what is there to say? It seems like all the best points have been made time and time again, all the angles examined and discussed. But there’s always one thing everyone can come back to: the weather. 

McCarthy: Exposing falsities on immigration and crime

Students of all ages bemoan the usefulness of coursework in school, critical of whether or not what they learn will apply to “real life.” This is why my ears perked up in SOC 4141H: Juvenile Delinquency, when my professor mentioned the negative correlation between immigration and crime rates. During the reverberation of the DACA repeal and increasingly brewing anti-immigrant sentiment, a sociological argument for immigrants (and their positive impact on the country) was welcome. 

McCarthy: Making political satire great again

My job as front-of-house staff at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre is one of the best parts of living in Minneapolis. I spend every weekend in the back of a darkened theater, watching my favorite sketch comedians play their hearts out in shows that range in goofy name from “Booty and the Beast: A Tinderella Story” to “Lady and the Trump.”

McCarthy: Openly discussing shortcomings in the people we admire

Do you remember when you found out that there are entire websites and blogs devoted to the phrase “your fave is problematic?”  These “Aha!” moments of realization can range from seeing a dug up childhood photo of your favorite (white) celeb sporting cornrows on a tropical vacation, to the panic upon finding that most of the TV shows or movies you loved slip in casual uses of words like “tranny.”