Katie Lauer


Q&A: Josh Ostrander, the front man of Mondo Cozmo

When it comes to the world of music, Mondo Cozmo is making quite the entrance. Front man Josh Ostrander and his backing band, Illinois, have multiple festival performances under their belt, as well as a hit single, “Shine.” A&E chatted with Ostrander before his set at Bonnaroo last Thursday, offering a sample of Minnesota nice before the band stops by First Avenue in Minneapolis on Aug.

Bonnaroo or bust: A reflection on the four-day music festival in Tennessee

It wasn’t until The Weeknd broke into “Can’t Feel My Face” just before 11:30 p.m. on the final night of Bonnaroo that I realized what a dancing sea of 65,000 people looks like. It’s an insane sight. Somehow, the headliner’s crooning falsetto brought an energy back to the final hours of the festival.

Dinky tattoo shop offers medley of styles and skills

You can tell a lot about a person from their clothing, music or vocabulary. At Dinkytown Tattoo, you get a good idea of the style and personality of an artist by their work station’s look. Daniel Peace, a traditional American-style artist and the shop’s co-owner, is a picture-perfect example. Hundreds of vintage flash tattoo sets made by his family members adorn the shop’s walls.

Patches, needles and nails continue to “heel” shoes in Dinkytown

At Fast Eddie’s Place, hundreds of Birkenstock sandals, high heels and leather loafers line the shelves behind the front counter and in the back room. From that back room down the hallway of Dinkydale Mall, shoe repairman Jim Picard can only tell a customer has entered by the light of a motion-activated bulb. “When the machines are running and I turn up the music so I can hear it over the machines,” Picard said.

Battle of the boba: In search of the best milk tea near UMN

Bubble tea goes by many names, but there’s no mistaking the drink’s large straw and dark bobas. With its growing popularity, new shops continue to open in the University of Minnesota area — most recently Dinkytown’s Tasty Pot, which opened in May.