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Fundraising and debt: How UMN is funding Athletes Village

With a projected $166 million bill, the University of Minnesota’s Athletes Village will be funded in part by the largest fundraising campaign its athletics department has ever undertaken.  The department has raised $105 million to date, with $16 million raised in the past month alone. The remaining $61 million will be financed through debt, a practice the University uses on certain high-dollar capital projects. 

As artificial intelligence makes the future, UMN researchers look to contribute

Twenty-five years ago, Nikos Papanikolopoulos started working in the University of Minnesota’s Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Vision lab. For the first five years, the lab researched and developed robotics that were largely unheard of. In 1997, his lab had its landmark moment, when his lab’s Scout robot was used by the U.S. Military to survey dangerous war zones in lieu of humans. It built the lab’s reputation into a national standout. Today, Papanikolopoulous and his lab are part of a rapidly emerging field of science that is fusing yesterday’s unbelievable with today’s unbelievable — artificial intelligence. 

Life after MSA: Inside the many careers of former UMN student body presidents

From advocating for civil rights in the courtroom to managing political campaigns to kick-starting genetic research companies, the University’s student government has opened up avenues for its members beyond the public sector. They said the organization was instrumental in not only helping them make connections, but shaping their interests and developing their character.

Small group of students protest UMN administration at Coffman

 A small group of students stood in front of Coffman Memorial Union Wednesday afternoon to protest a list of perceived failures by the University of Minnesota administration during the school's annual activities fair.  About 10 students, who declined to give their names, stood on Coffman’s steps, holding one banner that read “We all belong here” and another that called on the University to abolish the University Police Department, stop tuition increases and defend Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Breaking down the unionization push at the University of Minnesota

A Minnesota Court of Appeals opinion released Tuesday said the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services lacked the authority to assign University of Minnesota teaching specialists, lecturers and faculty to the same bargaining unit.  The decision, part of a long-running dispute over who can be part of a faculty union, is a win for University administrators, as some top officials were “disappointed” with the 2016 BMS decision to place almost all teaching staff in the same bargaining unit.

Diversity in the Big 10: a multifaceted approach

As Big 10 conference schools have grown more diverse over the years, the universities often show higher levels of diversity than their states.  For universities in the Big 10, growing diversity over the years, through programs and initiatives, has been a priority. But these efforts need to be negotiated against federal laws that prohibit specific diversity targets and demand an admissions approach that can only partially take race into account. 

What DACA's termination means for nation, Minnesota

Fulfilling a divisive Trump-campaign promise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday the end of the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.  In a statement released Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump said phasing out DACA will be a "gradual [six-month] process." 

Trump begins DACA termination; Kaler responds

President Donald Trump officially announced Tuesday the Department of Homeland Security will end the federal program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  In a statement released Tuesday morning, Trump said phasing out DACA will be a gradual six-month process, not an abrupt cut-off. 

UMN student robbed near campus

A University of Minnesota student was robbed Sunday night at the intersection of Oak Street Southeast and East River Parkway near the Ronald McDonald House, according to a University of Minnesota Police Department timely warning.   

Trump announces UMN professor as intended nominee for administration post

A University of Minnesota health care economist in an intended nomination for a post in President Donald Trump’s administration. Stephen Parente, a Carlson School of Management health care economics professor, was announced as Trump’s intended nominee Friday for assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at the U.S.