Letter to the Editor


Letter to the Editor: The Boundary Waters is doomed

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern Minnesota is one of the last untouched natural beauties in the world. The BWCA is the premier destination for people to get away from the concrete jungle that is modern civilization.

Letter to the Editor: Remember that light will dispel the dark

During this difficult time, let us take courage from the age-old Jewish adage: “a little bit of light will dispel a great deal of darkness.” It is an indisputable reality. When light and goodness encounter darkness and hate, light and goodness will — without fail — prevail. Let's each dedicate our lives a little more to goodness and kindness, as well as to true and boundless love of our fellow. Take on one additional mitzvah (good deed), so each and every one of us, in our own way, creates a personal space of love and holiness.

Letter to the Editor: The gray-haired gopher

It was almost serendipitous that I stumbled upon the Senior Citizen Education Program. There it was in an article about great education benefits for us older people. It doesn’t take much to explain SCEP: any Minnesota resident over the age of 62 can audit a class at the University of Minnesota for free or take classes for credit at a ridiculously low tuition rate. 

Letter to the Editor: Don't punish pain

Few would argue the need for a solution to end the drug abuse and addiction that ravage our communities. But as lawmakers consider necessary legislative action, they must not forget their constituents with legitimate pain management needs. In fact, many of us gathered in September for the “Don’t Punish Pain” rally in St. Paul to voice our concern over legislation and regulations that target legal opioid medications.  

Letter to the Editor: West Bank "improvement district" sets forth misconceptions

The Oct. 8 article, "West Bank liaisons could improve security and livability of neighborhood," sets forth some misconceptions. Establishment of an "improvement district" would not require "support from a majority of neighborhood businesses," but approval of at least 65 percent of the commercial property ownership. Several years ago, such an attempt was crushed by overwhelming opposition from the West Bank's property owners.  

Letter to the Editor: On the minimum wage

Recently, there has been a push for a raise in student wages from the state minimum of $9.65 per hour to the current Minneapolis minimum of $11.25 per hour. Proponents claim this is justified out of student need. However, it is apparent to some that this claim is a scientific abomination, born out of emotion rather than reason.

Is exclusion a function of population?

In such a diversified student body, how many of us really endure protracted desolation, depression, or even direct or indirect ostracism? Is exclusion a function of population, or is it merely an anomaly? The answer is more nuanced than intuitive. Firstly, many students have never experienced the overwhelming nature of the novelty that they are exposed to.