Maddy Folstein


Recording masculinity and gay identity in the Twin Cities

The Soo Visual Arts Center in Lyn-Lake has opened both of its back gallery spaces to one artist for the first time ever — University of Minnesota alumnus Christopher Selleck’s exhibit, “This is a Record,” will fill the space with a range of visual art.

Review: Dessa’s “My Own Devices” bubbles with heartache and sparks with wonder

The inside flap of the debut essay collection by musician, writer and University of Minnesota philosophy alumna Dessa states she “defies category.” “My Own Devices” reflects this defiance. It begins with a narrative overview, which is followed by a glossary of rap definitions and character descriptions. We hear a story before we know how to define it.

Review: What's there to find in “Searching?"

The dangers of the internet can range from cyberbullying to catfishing to the embarrassing profile photos you haven’t deleted from your early Facebook days. “Searching,” a new thriller directed by Aneesh Chaganty, plays into these widespread fears. 

Street style: Northeast Dog Parade

Though people — and dog — watching is good any night on St. Anthony Main, A&E was at the dog parade to scope out the best looks and cutest pups in the crowd. Here are four of our favorite looks.

A&E’s guide to Trader Joe’s snacks

The recently-opened Fresh Thyme near campus has found competition in downtown Minneapolis — a brand new Trader Joe's, opening this Friday. Located a couple blocks away from the Guthrie Theater and a short walk from both a Metro bus stop and the Green Line, the new store is sure to attract crowds.