Maddy Folstein


Hippocrates Cafe connects medicine with art

Even throughout medical school and his work as a physician, Dr. Jon Hallberg, a professor of family medicine at the University of Minnesota, never let go of his interest in the arts. After working with performing artist patients and serving as a medical commentator for Minnesota Public Radio, Hallberg found a way to combine his two specialties: Hippocrates Cafe, a performance series dedicated to discussing individual health care topics through storytelling and song.

Students get the silver screen at the Weisman

As a part of their ongoing efforts to engage the student body with the Weisman, the museum’s student group, WAM Collective, is hosting a short film screening of the works of students and emerging filmmakers. 

'Project Runway' alumna Samantha Rei returns to the Twin Cities

After facing the critical eyes of Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia on season 16 of “Project Runway,” Minneapolis native Samantha Rei is staying busy in the Twin Cities — her still life collection entitled Vanitas opened yesterday and her collaborative photo series "Harmonic Convergence" opened on Saturday.

College Kitchen: Valentine’s Day

Reservations at your favorite restaurant all booked on Wednesday? Looking to save some money, even on the most romantic day of the year? The solution is to cook your Valentine’s Day meal at home. You can customize the meal entirely to your liking, and you’ll get the added bonus of bonding with your date while chopping garlic and melting chocolate.  

Q&A: Adam Turman captures the iconography of the Twin Cities

Walk into Coffman Union and you’ll see the two campuses of the University of Minnesota captured with a bold maroon and gold flair on the wall. Look closer, and you’ll find the tulips of the Northrop Plaza and the falling leaves of fall semester.

A&E breaks down this year's Super Bowl commercials

For viewers across the country, the annual Super Bowl viewing is made up of three crucial parts: the game, the halftime show and the commercials. With advertisers paying millions of dollars for the best ad slots, the comedic commercials can bring sports fans and the sports-ambivalent together for a night of entertainment.

Review: “Hostiles” tries to revise history and Western film traditions

“Hostiles” opens with a symbol of Western movies — a prairie home nestled between rocky ridges, horses milling about in a corral and a picturesque American family. Within minutes, the house burns to the ground. In this moment, “Hostiles” begins its attempt to do the same to the tired conventions of the Western genre, but the match never quite strikes.

"Minnesota Tonight" opens its third season

Drawing inspiration from shows like “The Daily Show” and “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” the comedy show combines in-depth reporting with comedy and a local focus.  

College kitchen: Healthy recipes

If you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle at school, that goal can be even trickier to reach with taunts of free pizza at club meetings and the stretch of Dinkytown restaurants you pass on your walk home. These three healthy recipes will free you from those temptations with fruits and vegetables and a little bit of meal prep.