Maddy Folstein


Minneapolis bagel shop rises to the occasion

The Twin Cities is known for its thriving food scene, from tried-and-true hot dish iterations to Instagram-worthy outdoor brunch hotspots.  But sisters Jen and Kate Lloyd saw a hole in local dining options. “Having grown up here in the state of Minnesota, we always wondered why we couldn’t find a bagel locally that we loved,” Kate Lloyd said.   So they set out to make one themselves. 

The Riveter is rewriting stereotypes of women's magazines

When Kaylen Ralph and Joanna Demkiewicz were students at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, a panel of renowned journalists came to speak with students. Ralph and Demkiewicz saw there were no women on the panel, a realization that became the catalyst for the long-form women’s magazine they run today.

Review: 'It'

Pennywise the Dancing Clown is back, thanks to the latest film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It,” a novel about Derry, Maine and the lurking horror that plagues the town with child deaths and disasters every 27 years. The new film brings the plot forward to 1989 from King’s original setting of 1957, injecting “It” with a hazy filter of nostalgia and a handful of New Kids on The Block references. 

UMN students take Shakespeare to the bars

Republic is West Bank’s hub for craft beers, gastropub style brunch and, on occasion, a boozy rendition of Shakespeare’s plays by current and former University of Minnesota acting students.  Allie Babich, a graduate of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program, launched this practice — now known as BARd Shakes — as a part of her senior project while studying at the University. 

One UMN professor is helping genocide survivors find a voice through art

In the early 2000s, University of Minnesota art professor David Feinberg had an idea — he wanted to memorialize and honor the memories of Holocaust survivors and their families through art. Fourteen years later, with the help of collaborative storytelling and artistic creation, Voice to Vision tells the stories of human rights violations and genocide survivors around the world. It all started with a phone call.

UMN creative writing professor creates coloring book with a twist

Amid the recent coloring craze, you may have colored secret gardens, mandalas or swear words. Julie Schumacher, a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Minnesota, now presents a satirical, academic approach to the world of coloring: “Doodling for Academics.” “I’ve been in academia for 25, 26 years,” Schumacher said.

Minnesota Independent Film Festival debuts UMN students' film projects

Before the dream of a debut at Sundance or Tribeca is realized, many student filmmakers set their sights on local, smaller-scale events like the Minnesota Independent Film Festival. The festival showcased eleven student-made short films on April 21, one of which was produced by Minnecinema Studios— the University of Minnesota’s on-campus filmmaking club. “We do have a Studies in Cinema and Media Culture major, but it’s not specifically a film major,” said Eden Palmer, the president of Minnecinema Studios and a junior studying SCMC at the University.

UMN student design showcase — where art and fashion collide

For future event planners, museum curators and fashion designers, an in-house fashion show at the Weisman Art Museum is somewhat of a dream. For University of Minnesota students, design showcase “IMPRINTS” provides that opportunity for many of on-campus creatives. This year’s show, a collaboration between the University’s College of Design and the WAM, took place Wednesday.

Local playwrights unpack post-election America in new theater series

It’s common for theater to stage modern political issues — and Pillsbury House Theatre has done just that. The local company is responding directly to post-election America with a new series of five, ten-minute plays called, “The Great Divide: Plays for a Broken Nation.” “[Pillsbury House] sat down after the election results in November ... to program a season, and they saw ... and none of them were really speaking to what we’re experiencing,” said Ellen Fenster, the play’s director. To fill the gap, Pillsbury House commissioned the five new plays from local playwrights in an attempt to navigate political and social divides.

UMN graduate writes an essay collection about, well, collections

Silly Bandz, baseball cards, Beanie Babies — collections can be made up of small or large, cheap or expensive, worthless or valuable objects. David LeGault, a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s MFA creative writing program, explores this concept in his new essay collection — “One Million Maniacs: Beanie Babies, Killer Cars and the Power of Collecting.” “Some people have a collection that’s really cool, but then some relatives have a collection and you just call them a hoarder,” LeGault said.